720 Utility Bikes to Eritrea This Year

Utility Bikes to Eritrea
Thanks to your participation as a rider, sponsor, donor, or volunteer – we will be able to deliver 720 utility bikes into the African country of Eritrea this year!

By 50 MileRide,

Our friends at Team Africa Rising have been working closely with the Eritrean Commission of Sport, the Cycling Federation, UNDP, the Ministry of Education and Anthony Fitzhenry founder of Qhubeka.

A container load of WBR “Charger” utility bikes will ship shortly after this year’s 50MR with a landing in Eritrea sometime in June 2016. Local mechanics in Eritrea will then begin assembling the bikes. Proceeds from our 10th Annual 50 Mile ride, along with Qhubeka’s contributions, will enable us to partner together to deliver 720 bikes into Eritrea this year. 

We have identified a mechanic who will travel to the WBR/Qhubeka assembly plant in Zimbabwe for a couple of weeks of training. We are looking at about 10-15 mechanics to assemble the bikes using some youth from the UNDP Youth Development program (jobs for young adults) along with the Eritrean Trade Workers Union. Both groups are in dire need of work and this will enable them to have a “job” assembling the bikes over a couple of months.

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This is a significant undertaking for Qhubeka, the Eritrean parties with the help of the 50MR. This is a partnership we hope will continue to grow to produce a full time assembly plant in Eritrea.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world for 720 young students in Eritrea. They will now have a pathway to education, giving them a “hand up” to a better life.