African Development Fund Approves US$ 19.2m Eritrea Education Sector Support

The project will help 50,000 students to get quality technical and vocational training skills needed in the manufacturing and other economic sectors

By Capital Eritrea,

The African Development Bank’s Group Board of Directors approved an African Development Fund (ADF) grant of USD 19.2 million to Eritrea on November 30, 2011 to improve equitable access, quality and relevance of technical, vocational education and training.

The project will be financed jointly by an ADF grant of USD 18.65 million and an Eritrean Government’s contribution of USD 2.06 million.

The project was in line with the Bank’s Higher Education, Science and Technology strategy and the State of Eritrea’s prioritization in these sectors. It will contribute to foster inclusive economic growth”, said AfDB Vice President Kamal El Kheshen during a signing ceremony with the Director General of Eritrean Treasury Department, in Tunis where the AfDB is located temporarily.

The key outcome of this project will be an increase in the supply of quality middle level technicians needed by the Eritrean economy.

It will support the provision of quality intermediate level technical and vocational training skills needed in the manufacturing and other sectors to foster economic growth and reduce poverty.

Specifically, the project will mainstream entrepreneurship while institutionalizing studies to measure the external efficiency of training systems.

In addition to the 50,000 students targeted by the project, other beneficiaries will include instructors, adults living near the technical institutions who will have access to training or retraining in selected modules in various trades.

To date, the African Development Bank has already financed two education projects in Eritrea for a total amount of USD 50.47 million.