The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

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amanuel eyasu
For a compulsive liar such as Amanuel Eyasu, even a generous sized ear won’t help to get the story right.

By Helen Berhe,

Amanuel Eyasu of, embarrassed himself and his death wish followers for the fourth time after reporting a rumor that has never been a rumor to anyone but to himself. By now, everybody knows Amanuel Eyasu is very much obsessed with President Isaias’ health and rings the alarm bell whenever he missed him on the state television or on for more than a week.

His crazy obsession lately forced him to announce through the radio he owns on October 11th that the president of Eritrea has been seriously ill. He convinced himself of that after he failed to see him at the funeral procession of the late Ambassador Girma Asmerom, and that is reason enough for the motor mouth Amanuel to announce about the President’s sickness.

Unfortunately, in less than 24 hours after he made that foolish statement, the lion of Nakfa was seen healthier than ever together with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in UAE.

Radio Assenna have earned its deserved nick name “Radio Hassina” because of its reputation for broadcasting false and fabricated news irresponsibly, based solely on rumors and most of the time on the owners imagination and wishful thinking. I guess someone have to tell him that lies are not part of the Eritrean culture.

Death wish journalist, therefore, humiliated once again for the fourth time, the same day, in fact after spreading his wishful imagination. Had he do not seen the President for a little while longer, this shameless person would have had announced his death.

Terribly humiliated, on 13th of October, Amanuel start blasting those what he called the President’s supporters through his radio waves. This egocentric fake journalist is full of hate, for God’s sake.

One thing he failed to understand though, as any ordinary human being, our President have been sick in the past and may get sick again and even may passed anytime. But what if this self-proclaimed, fake journalist is the one to meet his creator first?

If that happened, and Amen to that, the only thing the Eritrean people will regret will be the fact that he, Amanuel Eyasu, won’t be able to wake up again and see our President actually outlived him.

I assumed having big ears would have advantages to get some stories right, but apparently did not help Amanuel at all.