ARDUF Denies Existence of Training Camps inside Eritrea, Vows to Continue Struggle


TPLF led Ethiopian government is tactically at war with the Afar people in order to realize their dream of ‘Greater Tigray” by incorporating a chunk of Afar territory – ARDUF

Our training camps were not targeted on March 15 in places called Galacbiyyi, Ramood and Ginxi as they simply do not exist


The Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) through its Press Release issued on Tuesday (27) has denied the existence of any “attacks” carried out by the Ethiopian government forces in any of its military or training camps inside Ethiopia as it categorically denies the existence of any kind of military and training camps inside Eritrea.

Instead, it confirms the existence of a continued engagement of its forces with the TPLF led Ethiopian soldiers since March 17 and in the ensuing skirmish, ARDUF claims it has killed 26, capture 13 and injured more than a dozen government troops. Here below is the Press Release:

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Tuesday, 27th March 2012

No Training Camps were targeted and our struggle continues

ARDUF does not have any training camps in the neighbouring State of Eritrea to be targeted. It does not receive any military training and support from it. Similarly, ARDUF leaders do not stay in luxurious five-star hotels in the capital city of neighbouring country to answer email correspondences it receives. It is true our organization is little known. It is also true that our organization is small. Simply it operates only in Afar territory and among its own people, the Afars. So our training camps were not targeted on 15/03/2012 in places called Galacbiyyi, Ramood and Ginxi as they simply do not exist.

But our forces engaged the TPLF led Ethiopian dictatorial regime forces on Saturday 17th March 2012, and carried out a series of a well-coordinated attacks on TPLF Ethiopian forces in Siibu localities of zone 4 of Afar region, while they were sleeping in their mobile  tents in the night at 3:00am, at least 6 soldiers were killed and many others were wounded.

On Tuesday 20th March 2012, the gallant fighter of ARDUF conducted further attack against TPLF oppressor forces at a place called Qado Qali areas of zone 1 of Afar region at around 5:00am. In this war at least 8 Ethiopian soldiers were killed and unconfirmed numbers were wounded and some military equipment, notably AK-47 rifles and a large quantity of ammunition were seized.

On Thursday 22nd March 2012, Special Commandos of ARDUF conducted a surprising attack on PLF Ethiopian oppressor forces, while they were attempting to cross the River of Sidiica Dara, in the district of Teeru zone 4 of Afar region. In this bloody fighting, the enemy lost 12 and dozens of them were seriously injured. After heavy fighting that lasted more than 5 hours 13 TPLF shocked personnel surrounded to our gallant forces, among them 9 untrained young Afar speaking child soldiers who were forced by TPLF regime to go to fight the invading Eritrean forces. The young untrained Afar child soldiers expressed their disappointment for their involvement against their own people, and they said that “we were not informed that we are going to fight UGUUGUMO/ARDUF”.

The fighting is still going between ARDUF and TPLF led Ethiopian forces in different areas of Afar region and it is far from over yet until to liberate Afar people from the current political, social and economic  marginalisation and human rights abuse imposed on Afar by the TPLF led regime.

TPLF regime’s statements are clearly contradictory as they claim that ARDUF does not exit. On the other hand they assert that they destroyed ARDUF training camps in Eritrea and annihilated them all. Similarly, some far away are experts’ does fare better. They conclude analyse that ARDUF does not exist, while they describe ARDUF in the same breath as small and unknown group that can disappear for years to resurface and attack again, from nowhere.

On the contrast, the fact is that ARDUF is an Ethiopian Afar Political Organisation based in Afar region of Ethiopia and not in Eritrea. It does exist in Afar region, where it came into in 1987. It is stronger now than ever both militarily and organizationally.  Some of its foreign representatives joined the TPLF-EPRDF government in Addis Ababa to be rewarded with ministerial posts and villas, but we continued to fight this regime and we will continue to do so as long as our people’s ancestral land is taken away from us. And as long that TPLF regime make a mockery of self-rule and Federalism. The world might care little about the plight of our people, but surely they will hear from us.

We want to let International Community that the most serious danger involving in this war is the fact “that TPLF is tactically at war with the Afar in order to achieving its long awaiting ambition of realizing the dream of ‘Greater Tigray”. ARDUF is therefore not only fighting for to end political and socio-economic marginalisation and political oppression, and human rights abuse, but basically fighting for the very survival of our people who are being systematically annihilated by TPLF regime in order to incorporate the whole Afar Region in their region.

The Victory to the ARDUF
& Oppressed People of Ethiopia

Information Desk
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

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