Asmara Tour Through a Russian Tourist Lens

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  • The Eritreans fought Ethiopia for a long time to gain their independence

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ERITREA is a remarkable country. All sorts of horror stories are written about it everywhere. There’s hunger there, there’s fascism there, there’s communism there, the people there are not allowed to leave their country, photography is forbidden there, it’s doomsday there. The country ranks 178th out of 178 in terms of freedom of speech.

In reality, it’s the most pleasant, charming, friendly and open country to be found in East Africa. You can photograph to your heart’s content. Drink wine. There’s espresso on every corner. 

  • Where else would you see a brand-name Grundig store with neon signs?


An absolutely stunning museum of a city. In the 1930s, the Italians put up a multitude of beautiful buildings, shops and villas here. Few tourists have set foot in the city since. In large part, this is due to numerous warnings on the Internet: “Traveling to Eritrea for tourism purposes is strongly inadvisable.”

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Asmara – A City above the clouds