General Kemal Gelchu Expelled from OLF

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General Kemal Gelchu Removed from OLF
General Kemal Gelchu (inset) Expelled from OLF. B/General Hailu Gonfa to replace him

By TesfaNews,

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Executive Committee today announced the removal of General Kemal Gelchu as its Chairman and purged him from the organization effective immediately.

A press release from the organization cites “poor leadership qualities and dictatorial actions” by General Kemal Gelchu as the main reason for the political decision.

The former Ethiopian army general who fled to Eritrea in 2006 with a heavily armed regiment of 150 soldiers has since  lived there, where OLF maintains its headquarters as well as military base.

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The announcement states that until the general assembly of the organization holds an official meeting and chooses a new Chairman, Brigadier General Hailu Gonfa, a senior member of the Executive Committee and National Council, will lead the organization.

Below is the Press Release:

Download (PDF, 294KB)