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The Resilient People of Eritrea Will Overcome COVID-19

Eritreans will win over coronavirus because, for them, it is like any other fight that they had fought and won in the past.


The people of Eritrea have been through life-changing events many times over. In 1941, after Britain won over the Italian army and controlled Eritrea, the brutal British Military Administration made Eritreans suffer. The British shut down the livelihood of the people and tried to starve Eritreans into submission. Continue reading The Resilient People of Eritrea Will Overcome COVID-19

What Eritrea Achieved with the Peace Deal

Peace, love, respect, freedom, economic emancipation, development, diplomacy, territorial integrity, power, etc…


Peace is not lottery price that you win by gambling. Peace is not something we can buy or barter to get. Peace is not something that is handed as a gift. Peace is a decision, a commitment for tranquil, quiet life free from disturbance. Peace is a decision a commitment to life-free from hostilities, wars, and violence. Continue reading What Eritrea Achieved with the Peace Deal

You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

The anti-Eritrean camp that operated as “Eritrean Opposition” is, in fact, anti-Eritrea because they stand against everything that Eritrea stands for.

If the so-called “Eritrean Opposition” speaks like TPLF woyane, acts like TPLF woyane and work like TPLF woyane, then they probably are TPLF woyane.


Between 1998-2000, over 80,000 Eritreans were forcibly evicted from their homes and deported from Ethiopia by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) [aka Woyane] in the most horrible ways. Children, elderly, and the very sick were forced to travel hundreds of kilometers via treacherous routs to be thrown away on the hottest parts of the world only because the minority regime from Tigray decided to teach Eritreans. Continue reading You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries

Eritreans defended the legacy, history, reputation and image of Eritrea. No matter how much the anti-Eritrea establishment invested on some mercenaries dubbed as “activists”, regardless of the power and influence it wields, the people of Eritrea fought back and beat them.


Occasionally, we come across very important revelations that serve as evidence to conspiracies that Eritreans long claimed existed against them. These conspiracies are multifaceted, funded by organizations with deep-pockets and intent on ensuring the success of their agendas no matter what. The obvious questions are: why, whom, when, where and how? Continue reading Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries

Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means

Psychological-warfare, economic-warfare, and war against culture and nationalism

The TPLF employed all its resources and played zero-sum game against Eritrea knowing full it has no chance of winning. Now is the time for all affected people of the region to work together to rid of this vermin once and for all.


The Tigrayan Minority apartheid regime in Ethiopia is crumbling, falling-apart and is at the precipice of total annihilation. That is welcome news for the people of Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) betrayed Eritrea. Betting on the fall of the Eritrean government and with the support of their western handlers, the late master-traitor-in-chief, Meles Zenawi, was on a quest to destroy Eritrea once and for all. Continue reading Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means

Eritrea Honors Her Fallen Heroes Uniquely in Unison

Condolences to the families and friends of the veteran fighters Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea , Ms. Tsegereda Woldegergis, Ustaz Alamin Abdeletif and Tegadalay Habte Abrha.


In two weeks Eritrea lost heroes that represented the struggle towards liberation, men and woman that embodied the essence of the Eritrean way of life in good and tough times. Eritrea lost leaders that ignited the struggle, lived it and in the process amassed credentials that seem super human. These are selfless leaders that placed Eritrea above all by making it their mission, purpose and their sole reason for living. They lived and died for Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrea Honors Her Fallen Heroes Uniquely in Unison

Viva Eritrea

Long Live Eritrea! Long live the can do people of Eritrea!


What does VIVA Eritrea mean to you? Viva is a show of support, expression of love. Simply put, Viva Eritrea stands for long live Eritrea. The question that every Eritrean and friends of Eritrea need to ask, what role to play in the future of Eritrea?

Every Eritrean wants to see a happy, prosperous, united, vibrant, conscientious, advanced and most importantly a peaceful Eritrea. That means we all have a role to play in the happiness, prosperity, unity, vibrancy, conscience, advancement and peaceful life of Eritrea. Continue reading Viva Eritrea

YPFDJ Conference: Expression of Eritrean March to Greatness

GET THIS. The march to enlighten and organize the Eritrean youth through YPFDJ conferences will continue!


Eritrea is rich with legacies inherited from the long struggle for independence. One important legacy is the tradition of organizing. Under the umbrella of the struggle for Eritrean independence, for collective good, Eritreans have organized understanding the-role organized-bodies play in furthering their national agendas and causes. And as result, Eritrea achieved monumental achievements in large part by organizing the masses (Hafash). Continue reading YPFDJ Conference: Expression of Eritrean March to Greatness