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Hope Returns to the Horn of Africa

In the face of attempts by conflict entrepreneurs to kill hope again, the people of the Horn region are ready to face the challenges with renewed hope and confidence.


The anti-Eritrea campaigns in cyberspace are in full swing and it is not just the economic, social and political systems in Eritrea that are under attack, it is the people and their hope and confidence in the future that is now being attacked. Continue reading Hope Returns to the Horn of Africa

Ambassador Tekeda Alemu: Futile Attempts to Ignore History and Facts

Dr. Tekeda Alemu, former TPLF regime Ambassador to the UN, seems to have a hard time coming to terms with the ongoing historic Eritrea – Ethiopia Peace process and the rapid changes taking place in the Horn of Africa.


In the Centre for Dialogue, Research and Cooperation (DCRC) paper, “The conundrum of present Ethiopian foreign policy—in search of a roadmap for Ethiopia’s foreign and national security policy and strategy”, Tekeda Alemu, former Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Nations, attempts to conceal the vacuity of the ousted TPLF regime’s foreign policy with yet another long winded hortatory rhetoric. Continue reading Ambassador Tekeda Alemu: Futile Attempts to Ignore History and Facts

Eritrea: Tail Wagging at the UN

The days of muzzling Eritrea’s voice are long gone.

Why are some politically motivated, anti-Eritrea NGOs and groups are frothing in desperation following Eritrea’s election at the UN Human Rights Council and Chair of the Khartoum Process?


When President Isaias Afwerki said it was #GameOver for the TPLF regime last year, his prescient analysis had both literal and figurative dimensions. Indeed, the “Black Swan” event in the Horn of Africa sent shock waves that brought with it far reaching consequences. Continue reading Eritrea: Tail Wagging at the UN

Eritrea’s Experience and State Craft Key to Peace in the Horn

Peace is created through the actions and interactions of statesmen, and diplomacy is its key ingredient.

The Horn of Africa recognizes Eritrea’s credibility and statecraft, defined by its principled values and consistency. Discounting Eritrea’s role in the region once again will be a strategic mistake.


These are the time of rapid, breath-taking, developments in the Horn of Africa region. The changes have bewildered analysts who have been pontificating about the Horn for decades, only to get it all wrong … over and over again. Continue reading Eritrea’s Experience and State Craft Key to Peace in the Horn

Eritrea and Ethiopia – Towards Stable Peace

Maintaining the peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea will require a greater restraint, patience, and hard work as there are many that would like the peace to fail. With the peace, Eritrea and Ethiopia can now pursue initiatives to move their nations away from brinksmanship and rivalry to programmatic cooperation for development and prosperity.


Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Osman Saleh in his remarks at the Second Italy- Africa Forum in Rome held on 24- 25 October 2018 said the following: Continue reading Eritrea and Ethiopia – Towards Stable Peace

The Economist’s Tom Gardner – Savior Complex?

Time to end the misleadingly simplistic, culturally ill-informed, and politically dangerous narratives about Eritrea and the Horn region.

Ulterior political motives aside, the problem with some mainstream media journalists, such as Tom Gardner, is their condescending attitude and misguided belief that they can dissect complex realities and processes in any African country in a couple of days visit. That’s an insult to the people’s intelligence.


Much of western media coverage of the Horn of Africa tends to focus on negative attributes or problems. So when Eritrea and Ethiopia signed the “Peace and Friendship Declaration” on 9 July 2018, followed by the Joint “Declaration on Brotherly Relations and Comprehensive Cooperation” by Eritrea and Somalia on 30 July 2018, and then a visit by President Salva Kiir of South Sudan to Eritrea, there was expectation that the tone would change and the negative views on Eritrea that had persisted for a couple of decades would improve. Continue reading The Economist’s Tom Gardner – Savior Complex?

Ethiopia’s Latest Frontings

Hollow statements and false bravado will not advance peace in the region…abiding by the rule of law will.


After 16 years of silence on the Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories, there is a sudden barrage of articles about the Eritrea-Ethiopia “border” issue coming from the regime in Ethiopia, its surrogates in the mainstream media and from a notorious, if insignificant, segment of its cow-towing “academicians”. Continue reading Ethiopia’s Latest Frontings

Impotence of the UN and Ethiopia’s Impunity

16 Years Later. When will the UN Security Council shoulder its moral and legal obligations and end Ethiopia’s 16-year long occupation and restore Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity?


April 13th will mark the 16th anniversary of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s (EEBC) “final and binding” decision on the Eritrea Ethiopia border. There is not much that can be said about the historical decision that has not been said before, but it would not hurt to re-iterate some facts: Continue reading Impotence of the UN and Ethiopia’s Impunity