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Agriculture Ministry Secures Financial Support from Qatar

qatar-support-moaBy Shabait,

The Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture has secured a donation of around USD 200,000 from Qatarfor combating desert locust.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, said that Eritrea is working on priority basis to combat desert locust, and that the support would be channeled for the purchase of pesticides.

Similarly, Mr. Huruy Asgedom, Director General of Agricultural Inspection, stated that due attention is given to the implementation of the program. Continue reading Agriculture Ministry Secures Financial Support from Qatar

Africa’s Cuba: Eritrea Endures 13 Years of Illegal Occupation and Sanctions

Ethiopia continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories, including the town of Badme, the casus belli for the conflict.

By Elias Amare (for Black Agenda Report),

MONDAY April 13, was the 13th anniversary of the ruling of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC), and the continued illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories by Ethiopia since then. Also, it’s been well over five years since the US engineered unjust sanctions at the UN Security Council against Eritrea in late 2009.

In a “Global Action Day of Resistance,” Eritreans and their friends worldwide held rallies, online petitions, cycling tours, etc., to protest these injustices against Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa that many progressive analysts are recognizing as the “Cuba of Africa.” In the US, Eritreans in the Bay Area, California, held a protest rally in Oakland. Continue reading Africa’s Cuba: Eritrea Endures 13 Years of Illegal Occupation and Sanctions

Irish Experts in Eritrea for Pioneering Dairy and Potato Programmes

A pilot diary and potato programme in Eritrea with the collaboration of Irish NGOs Vita, Teagasc, Gorta and Séamus Crosse are part of the ambitious, large scale national potato and diary programme.

By Teagasc,

A senior delegation led by Irish NGO Vita and including Teagasc and Gorta/SHA is travelling to Eritrea at the weekend to build on the partnership between these agencies and the Eritrean Government.

They will be evaluating the impact of a model dairy programme and a model potato programme set up last year.

The delegation includes the Director of Teagasc, Professor Gerry Boyle, with Dr. Lance O’Brien, Teagasc’s Head of Foresight and Strategy, alongside Gorta/Self Help Africa CEO Ray Jordan, as well as Vita Chairman Séamus Crosse and CEO John Weakliam.  Continue reading Irish Experts in Eritrea for Pioneering Dairy and Potato Programmes

European Union Spring vis-à-vis Eritrea

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the current holder of the EU presidency, Italy’s Lapo Pistelli, striving to win back relation between the block and Eritrea

By Bereket Kidane,

SPRING is symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas.

We’ve all heard of the Arab Spring. Spring has finally come to Brussels as far as Eritrea is concerned. There is definitely a “European Spring” going on with respect to Eritrea.

After conducting extensive research and examining its policies toward the State of Eritrea, Europe seems to recognize the righteousness of the policies of the Government of Eritrea and wants to stop its destructive policies toward the country.  Continue reading European Union Spring vis-à-vis Eritrea

Sunridge Gold Expects Mining Operations to Start this Year

“… much of [Sunridge Gold] management’s recent attention has been on the permitting process for the development of the Asmara Project …” – President and CEO, Michael Hopley
By Proactive Investors,

SUNRIDGE GOLD (CVE:SGC) (OTCQX:SGCNF) after starting field work in 2014 is advancing its joint venture Asmara project in Eritrea, expecting to acquire a mining license for the property, eyeing mining operations to start in the fourth quarter of this year.

Sunridge said that it would obtain the mining license within the first half of 2015 after receiving favorable feedback from the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), which mandated a review of the Feasibility Study and the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) last January.  Continue reading Sunridge Gold Expects Mining Operations to Start this Year

Ethiopian Airlines Makes Emergency Landing

Non-stop flight from China to Ethiopia forced to land twice at Mumbai airport after running low on fuel… and then suffering ‘engine trouble’

By Mail Online,

ETHIOPIAN Airlines passengers were forced to endure a frustrating experience when their plane had to divert to Mumbai’s primary airport twice on the same day.

Indian media reported that the Boeing 777-300ER first diverted to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to refuel about eight hours into its flight from southern China to Addis Ababa.  Continue reading Ethiopian Airlines Makes Emergency Landing