Dan Connell’s Obsession With Eritrea or Is He on a Mission?

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why Dan Connell should care more to Eritreans than his own American people?
The White Man’s Burden. One may ask why Dan Connell should care more to his own people than the Eritreans. Is that out of an obsession or he is somehow on his longstanding, unfinished mission against Eritrea?

By Ben Yonatan,

Since the arrest of members of G-15, Dan has been very critic about the government of Eritrea, only because a few members the G-15 were his informants and/or partners in spying on Eritrea, from day one he stepped his feet in Eritrean soil . Here again, Dan miscuing the facts and writes factitious story about Eritrea from Djibouti tilted “The road ends in Djibouti for some Eritreans.”

Mr. Connell flew thousands of miles to Africa and to write a speculative rubbish narrative that he stated he has been told by desperate refugees that are seeking comfortable shelters in the West, whereas in his very own backyard, there are millions of his own citizens incarcerated, bitten, wrongfully charged and etc. and he is yet to say or write a single article about those.

Any person of any national will fight for his county first before he fights a foreign country, but shame on Dan he is yet to fight for his people regarding human right issue, race issue, discrimination and so forth.

Back to his narrative, what he wrote could be true only in a sense he has been told by desperate refugees but not true in a sense these refugees had been personally encountered what they have told him. It’s also more than likely possible Dan may perhaps have made-up and wrote the entire alleged refugees ordeal; and to sound it bona he may have threw few Eritrean names which he is familiar with.

Nevertheless, before anything else, Dan should have been the testimony for Eritrea that Eritreans never torture Eritreans; in fact he knows Eritreans more than anyone that they give everything they have to their enemies who came to kill them (POW). Thus how could Dan say now the people he knew to have big hearts would torture their own citizens? What did he expect desperate economic refugees would tell him? At any refugee camp those who seek for a better life in the western countries knowing the opportunity that warrants them is by telling horrific story would never tell they came from heaven, and Mr. Connell knows that .But God knows Dan may not have went to the refugee encampment.

In all probability, he may have completed his task remotely from his laptop at Simmons College. Having said that, despite from where he gathers his information, he knows in his heart that the stories he has been told were fictitious, nonetheless the fairy-tale he wrote is ideal for him to complete his mission. Whatever written to damage Eritrea by anyone, Eritreans know such stories are typical stories that have been told over and over at any refugee encampment across the glob.

In any case the refugees are blameless; evidently whenever they see a pretentious humanitarian such as Dan at any camp they feel that they are one step closer to the US or western country. If Mr. Connell really cares and thinks that he is humanitarian, he shouldn’t be focusing only on Eritrea . He should extend his humanitarian chore to Syrians, Ethiopians, Libyans, etc. So should we say Dan is obsessed with Eritrea or without a doubt he is executing his longstanding mission i.e. spying on Eritrea?

Dan tends a cooking fire on a two-week trek behind the enemy lines in Eritrea
This was in 1979. Dan tends a cooking fire on a two-week trek behind the enemy lines in Eritrea. (Photo: Dan Connell)