Entry Visas Abolished between Sudan and Eritrea

President holds talks with Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid

By TesfaNews,

Sudan and Eritrea have agreed to open their common borders to facilitate passage between the two countries through ID cards without the need for entry visas.

In addition, the two countries have agreed to facilitate goods and commodities traffic, without restrictions, organize inter trade and remove all border crossing points that hinder movement of citizens of the two countries.

Eritrean President, Isaias Afewerki, said the close relations between Sudan and Eritrea has prompted governments of the two countries to work for facilitating natural movement of the peoples of the two countries.

In his meeting in Asmara yesterday with the visiting Minister of Interior, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, the Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kamal Hassan and the accompanying delegation, the Eritrean President said the stability of North Sudan and South Sudan means the stability of the entire region.

The Minister of Interior said the visit by the Sudanese delegation to Eritrea comes by within the directives of President Omer Al Bashir who has directed for the removal of all obstacles that hinder smooth traffic between the two countries.

President Isaias holds talks with Sudanese Minister of Local Government

By Shabait,

(Asmara, 9 May 2011) – President Isaias Afwerki received and held talks today with Sudanese government delegation headed by the Minister of Local Government, Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid.

In the meeting at the State Palace, the two sides conducted discussion on enhancing bilateral relations and the implementation of the agreement as regards free movement of the people of both countries to and fro in line with the agreement reached during the visit of President Omar Hassen Al-Beshir to Eritrea this year.

Also in the meeting, President Isaias stressed the significance of strengthening the historical Eritrea-Sudanese ties in all domains in a manner that serves the interests of the two peoples. To this end, he put forth constructive ideas aimed at strengthening the relations.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud told ERINA that the visit is aimed at further enhancing the existing relations of cooperation between the two countries and conveying the greetings of the Sudanese leader to President Isaias. He also stated that an understanding has been reached on signing the agreement on free movement of peoples and property to and fro of both countries.
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