Eritrea’s Success will be an Embarrassment to Africa: Thomas Keneally

Friend of the Eritrean People, Thomas Keneally

By TesfaNews,

ERITREA is well known for its independent thinking and hard working people. They developed the culture of self-reliance when they were fighting to liberate their country from Ethiopian colony. For some geo-political reasons, the USA, by make use of the UN, decided the fate of the Eritrean independence by handing it over to Ethiopia.

After making several attempts to voice their opposition on the decision, the Eritreans waged an armed struggle to liberate their country from Ethiopia.

The world was then united to crash the rebellion by fully supporting Ethiopia financially and militarily. The Eritreans have no one to help and to rely on except their own determination and capacity. After 30 years of bloody war, they earned their hard won independence. They defeated the enemy with his own weapon, all by themselves.

The world had no option but to recognize their independence. However, they were against their ideology of self-reliance because it is going to be a bad example for the rest of Africa. For the west, Africa is their playground and they want it to remain as it is while relying on their alms for its survival. If the rest of Africa starts to emulate the Eritrean principle, it will be too good for them but not for the masters of doom and gloom – the west. So they will do all they could to ridicule and cripple the idea from the very beginning. They want Eritrea to be a lesson for those who wants to pursue the principle of self-reliance and for that they have to make sure that Eritrea has to fail even if it means propping up a neighboring country in order to wage war on them while as usual provide all the political and military support and as we are witnessing today, to make up a lie and sanction them. That’s exactly what is happening to Eritrea right now.

Someone has predicted so many years ago that Eritrea will face a lot of challenges from the west if it continues to follow its independent path. His name is Thomas Keneally.

Thomas Keneally, the author of world’s bestselling novel, “Schindler’s List”, wrote the following observation while he once worked with the Eritrean Libration Fighters (EPLF), during the armed struggle. In his bestselling book titled “To Asmara”, he wrote the following:

“Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys [Eritreans] succeed [using your principle of self-reliance], you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Colored folk who can look after themselves? It isn’t viable. It upsets the world picture. Don’t you know the West has to believe famine’s an act of God? If they believe that, they only have to make a donation. But if they believe it’s an act of bloody politics, they have to really do something, and that’s too, too complicated. So what is the story? The story is you guys will fall on your own f-ucking swords, because you’ve got this crazy idea that the world will allow you to be perfect!

‘These guys [Eritreans] are astounding! Running all this. And you know what? The world hates ‘em for it! The world hooked into the idea of ‘the helpless Africans!

“You know what I think? They are brave to the point of folly and they’re clever to the point of being dumb. No one absolutely no one, from Washington to Moscow, wants them to succeed. No one. … God’s even taken the rain away from them, for Christ’s sake. Even he thinks they’re wrong-headed. The sin of pride … the sin of being sharp when no one wants them to be.”