Eritrea and Sudan Set to Launch Joint Mining Research Projects

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Sudan and Eritrea conducts Geo-Congresses to open venues of cooperation and exchange of experience among them

By TesfaNews,

In their quest to identify conducive investment opportunities on the geo-resource rich ‘Arabian-Nubian Shield’, Eritrea and Sudan has conducted their own respective Geo-Congresses in Asmara and Port Sudan.

The Asmara Geo-Congress which was conducted from October 4 – 8, 2011 has attracted more than 300 mining and exploration companies of different countries, investors and geo experts to discuss the geological structures and mining prospects of the Arabian-Nubian Shield; formation of mine deposits and prospects of mineralization; technology application; environmental protection and prevention of water resource pollutions are among the few.

Eritrea is the first country to use the-state-of-the-art technology called VTEM (Versatile Time-domain Electromagnetic) system of all the Arabian - Nubian Shield countries

This Geo-Congress has opened a venue for cooperation and exchange of views among geology experts, regional countries and other companies who are engaged in the mining industry.

One of the participants of the conference, Sudan’s Minerals minister, Mr. Abdelbaji Jalani Ahmed, has expressed appreciation to the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the State of Eritrea for organizing such a congress.

He disclosed that Sudan will soon launch joint research and other mining related projects with Eritrea.

Sudan on its part conducted its own Geo-Congress dubbed the Port Sudan Geo-Congress immediately after the successful completion of the Asmara Geo-Congress 2011.

After losing much of its oil revenue as a result of South Sudan session, the country has decided to shore up its economy by boosting its gold and base metal outputs.

Minister Abdelbaji has told the conference participants that his country has so far issued around 200 gold exploration licenses for foreign and local companies and expects this year production to hit 70 tons of gold.

He also adds that his country will open a gold refinery in Khartoum as early as next year to help improve the quality of artisanal outputs and encourage them to sell their gold to the central bank rather than smuggling it abroad.

Eritrean Minister of Energy and Mines Mr. Ahmad Haj Ali who took part in the conference stressed geological coordination among the countries of the region, announcing a number of mining cooperation protocols to be signed by Sudan and Eritrea.

Countries located at the Nubian Shield are Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia and at the Arabian Shield are Yemen, Jordan, and parts of Israel.