Eritrea Condemns Canada’s Expulsion of its Envoy

Eritrea condemns Canada for the expulsion of its counsel general in Toronto
Historically, adversity only fires up our collective, patriotic, adrenalin.


Eritrea condemns in the strongest terms the Canadian Government’s expulsion of the Eritrean Consul General in Toronto.

Eritrea states categorically that the services it renders through its Consulate General are fully consistent with the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations and do not violate international or Canadian laws.

It considers the expulsion as an unwarranted escalation of the Canadian administration’s hostility to Eritrea and its harassment of the Eritrean Diaspora community.

It is the act of a bully against a small and proud nation and its people and is aimed at denying the Eritrean community the services that they need from their government.

The Eritrean government is confident that the community which has faced increasing harassment, including intimidation and severe restriction on their peaceful activities will not be bullied and that their resolve will remain unshaken.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

29 May 2013

Eritrea condemns Canada for the expulsion its Consul
General in Toronto.