Eritrea Mapped out New Strategic Plan to Carry Out Effective Diplomatic Work

“Eritrea’s main diplomatic activities in the years ahead would focus on creating conducive ground for peace, justice, mutual benefit and development” – President Isaias Afwerki

By Shabait,

A two-day conference of Eritrea’s Eritrean Ambassadors, Diplomatic Envoys and Heads of Consular Missions has been launched today at the Expo Hall here in the capital.

During the opening session, President Afwerki addressed that conducting active and effective diplomatic activity towards ensuring national interest and security vis-à-vis the dynamic changes being witnessed in world politics and making due assessment of the impact of the mounting opposition of peoples around the world to the policy of domination and exploitation is imperative. 

Explaining that the conspiracy of enemy quarters over the past years to subdue Eritrea and its people, including that of smear campaigns and isolation have ended up in utter failure, President Isaias, said that the country is in a new transition stage regarding the diplomatic domain.

In this connection, he pointed out that Eritrea’s main diplomatic activity in the years ahead would focus on creating conducive ground for peace, justice, mutual benefit and development.

In this regard, the President stressed the need to learn from past experience as regards ensuring the success of the policy of peace and development. He also noted the need for strengthening institutional and organizational capacity to this end.

Also speaking at the opening session, Foreign Minister Osman Saleh said that the Ministry has mapped out a strategic plan to carry out effective diplomatic work on the basis of making due assessment of the current regional and international developments .

Moreover, he indicated that the Ministry has drawn up new structure and organizational setup, in addition to training programs towards enhancing the competence of staff members in this regard.

President Isaias gave replies to questions raised by the participants of the meeting pertaining to regional and international developments, as well as Eritrea’s stance on various issues.

ERi-TV News ‘Zena’ (June 18, 2014) from EastAFRO on Vimeo.