Eritrea: What Will Drafting a Constitution Mean to the Criminals in the Diaspora?

Amanuel Biedemariam News Opinions

The crimes of Eritrean criminals in the diaspora are endless to mention. They are gamblers that gamble with everything Eritrea. Their worst gamble however was calling for constitution not knowing how it can affect them; because the constitution will hand them their sentences, of course, in absentia.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

WITH one sentence, “I would thus like to announce on this occasion that a constitution drafting process will be launched in order to chart out the political road map for the future governmental structure,” His Excellency President Isaias Afwerki changed the tone, cleared the deck-clean-to-start-fresh and announced to the world that Eritrea will chart her destiny for the people and by the people.

One of the greatest aims of the riffraff is that they hope to incinerate Eritrea, go-back, and start fresh as if innocent. They want to enter Eritrea as if free of crimes with no one to sue them, hold them to account for their crimes. 

One of the most brazen tendencies of these sociopaths is that they create their own standards and definitions of democracy, ethics, the rule of law and justice. In their minds, what is against the law in the US is legal when it comes to Eritrea; treason in the US is heroism when it comes to Eritrea.

They fail to see the illegality of betraying Eritrea even when illegally disseminating Martyrs names. Just imagine, what would happen to a US citizen who knows the death of a US soldier that tells the family outside protocol?

They fail to see that it is treason to conspire against the interest of your nation even if it is with the UN. Vandalizing Eritrean embassies’ is not only a crime; it is desecrating the flag that the martyr’s gave their life. Making illegal phone calls to arouse upheaval is immoral but worse it is a terrorist act.

Thinking he will live forever to save their day, these riffraff took turns to take photos with Meles Zenawi the genocide-master that ethnic cleansed over 80,000, killed over 20,000, maiming thousands and displaced a huge chunk of Eritrea. Worshiping the might of the super power they schemed against Eritrea with enemies. They conspire with Ethiopian authorities that are trying to disintegrate Eritrean youth and families to-date. They conspired to uproot the government of Eritrea and still think that they could ever step foot in Eritrea?

They sponsor-human traffickers, preach ethnic-division and disharmony through their ill-funded websites. They terrorized mothers that wanted to enjoy their national holiday celebrations calling-them names, harassed and in some cases assaulted them.

When did it become legal to threaten-to-kill an official no matter whom or where? When did it become legal to advertise that you will pay reward if any one committed a terrorist act by killing an official in another country? When did it become legal anywhere to encourage youth flight, pay trafficker and brag about it? When did it become legal to make-up stories against Eritrea, threaten, and coerce asylum seekers with deportation if they failed to cooperate? Where is it legal to declare that you will lift arms to fight against your country from enemy’s territories?

Their crimes are endless to mention. These people are gamblers that gamble with everything Eritrea. They gamble with the sovereignty, independence and stability of Eritrea. They gambled with the future of Eritrea’s youth and are responsible for deaths and disappearances of many.

They gambled that it will pay off if they worked on furthering US and Ethiopian agendas at the expense of the people of Eritrea for power grab. In the process they discounted the thousands of lives that Eritrea paid to bring about independence.

These criminals anointed themselves humanitarian, human rights activists, democrats or opposition brazenly and callously hurled insults against Eritrea in collaboration with every Tom Dick and Harry. They mocked Eritrea as a nation without justice as if Eritreans are unlawful, crazy and demented incapable to govern themselves.

These bad gamblers gamble not knowing how, when and where and loose every bet. Their worst gamble however was calling for constitution not knowing how it can affect them; in fact, it was a dumb idea for them because the constitution will hand them their sentences in absentia.

These bad gamblers are clueless, shortsighted and undiplomatic. They associate with any country or anyone as long as it hurts Eritrea. They have short memories. Sudan is a perfect example. These criminals used to think Sudan was their safe haven and used it as a staging ground before making Ethiopia their home.

They gambled that the US and Ethiopia will become victorious and sold Eritrea wished for the reunification with Ethiopia. They believed it is ok to make Addis a second home thinking that the sun will never shine and made Ethiopia their staging grounds for all anti Eritrea activities.

Nations change alliances, situations change based on interests and directions all the time. These changes affect relationships with groups or individuals. Hence it is only a matter of limited time before Ethiopia becomes inaccessible. Sudan could have provided that lesson but this are gamblers that always betted the house for individual gains.


Globally those that want to oppose leaderships, governance, governments or political systems do it by offering concrete solutions with hope of better future. They offer alternatives on governance, political systems, leaderships and economies by selling ways that can better the life of their constituent.

When it comes to Eritrea however it is a different ball game. These criminals want to tear down the history, the legacy of bravery and the fabric of Eritrea’s foundations. They want to tear-apart the unity and fragment the nation. They have nothing good to offer but bad news in every turn. That is because as bad gamblers, they bet that bad things will happen. However, Eritrea keeps proving them wrong. When they say Eritrea is hungry Eritrea proved them wrong and they are fighting the positive trajectories every step of the way.

These are criminals and in no way considered opposition or concerned nationals. Nowhere on earths is possible for a person that conspires with enemies be considered a nationalist and hope to ever be taken seriously. These criminals want to see Eritrea soaked in blood. They want to see Eritrea bleed fighting based on ethnic, regional and religious divide forever. They want to see Syrianaization of Eritrea.


President Isaias’s statement is a welcome sign that Eritrea is ready to clear deck and thoroughly clean house to ensure that these barking dogs will never see the light of day. This ensures that Eritrea is a dream they will never wake up to see. Drafting a constitutional process will ensure the future legacy that is pristine, unadulterated and uniquely indigenous. It will sift-out the vermin, the filth and the riffraff that pretended to be Eritrean.

Eritrea is a blessed nation and any presence of these vermin on this blessed nation will be a curse that could never be lifted.

Thanks to the gallant defense forces and unwavering commitment of the people, Eritrea will never relent.

Wetru Awet N-Hafash
Zel-alemawi-Zikhrin Kibrin Nisemaet-Tatna