Eritrean Man Shot by Israeli Guard, Savagely Beaten by Angry Mob

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Security mistook an Eritrean migrant for a terrorist
SAVAGES. An Eritrean migrant mistaken for an attacker and shot in lower body by security personnel and then savagely beaten by racist mob

By TesfaNews,

Gunman armed with a pistol and a knife stormed the Beersheba Central Bus Station on Sunday night, killing one IDF soldier, snatching his rifle and shooting and wounding at least 10 Israelis before being shot dead by police.

During the attack, armed security personnel mistook an Eritrean migrant for a second terrorist and opened fire, wounding him in the lower body. The man was then set upon by a mob that mistook him for a terrorist, beating him severely and leaving him in serious condition.

Southern District Commander Yoram HaLevy said police responded “very well” to the incident, adding that it appears the Eritrean man was on the other side of the station at the time of the attack and that when security personnel spotted him they mistaken believed he was an attacker and opened fire.

A video shot by a bystander afterwards shows an angry mob surrounding the Eritrean man, with one kicking him with great force in the head, while others curse him and another kicks him in the head.

The Eritrean victm was identified as a 29 years old Habtom Zerihun.

* Sources: Agencies