Eritrean Movie ‘Debas’ (the Ghost) Wins Remi Award at Houston Worldfest

By Shabait,

THE Eritrean movie “Debas” or ‘the Ghost‘  drew a Platinum prize in the 2014 Houston’s Remi Award in the US.

A total of 4,500 movies from various countries were staged at the International Movie Festival which was conducted for the 47th time from 4 to 13 of this month.

The Eritrean film by Simon Habtemariam ranked first out of selected 49 movies.

Mr. Mekonen Woldeab, director of the film, received the award last Saturday in the US.

It is to be recalled that Eritrean movies “Tiegisti” and “Aklasia” won gold prizes in the past two consecutive years in Remi Award.

For the third consecutive years, Eritrean movies won the Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival –  Tiegisti (2012), Aklasia (2013) and Debas (2014)

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