Eritreans Who Travel to Asmara Should Lose Refugee Status: Swiss Politicians

Eritrean Refugee in Switzerland
Controversy over Switzerland’s open door, blanket asylum policy for Eritreans continues. Two Swiss politicians are now calling for the immediate revoking of refugee status from those asylum seeker who travels back to Asmara and celebrate their country’s 25th Independence Day.

By Lukas Scherrer | for Aargauer Zeitung,

On the occasion of the celebrations for 25 years of independence in Eritrea, many Eritreans traveling back to their home country. In a postulate, two CVP party councilors, Marianne Binder and Markus Dieth, are calling for asylum seekers deprive of their refugee status should they go back to their homeland.

In request to Aargauer Government these two Swiss politicians call for a review of the refugee centers, whether asylum seekers from Eritrea with refugee status are absent during days and temporarily returned to their homeland. Should such absences are found, measures should be examined, leading to the immediate withdrawal of refugee status with immediate effect.

In their foray Binder and Dieth indicate that 80 percent of Eritreans who travel to Switzerland were given the right to stay. Those Eritrean migrants traveling to Switzerland were mainly aged between 15 and 30 years of age, especially men who had deserted from the National Service or refuses to work and then leave the country illegally.

People who are consequently at risk in this mass of body and life, could not travel temporarily abroad, let alone in the country in which they were threatened with draconian punishments on their return.

Binder and Dieth speak in terms of a little credible conduct of Eritrean asylum seekers. It is incomprehensible that asylum seekers on the occasion of celebrations for 25 years of independence of Eritrea visited their country.

Controversial Eritrea Policy

How vulnerable and entitled to asylum are Eritreans in general, is fundamentally controversial among Swiss politicians. In February, a (private) trip by politicians ensured across all parties waves. One of the participants of the tour group was the green Councillor Susanne Hochuli. After their two-week trip to Eritrea she described to the media their positive impressions of the northeast African country. Hochuli suggested in Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga to reconsider the Eritrea-policy and to improve relations with the Eritrean state.

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