Ethiopian Army Incursion Angers Kenya Again

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KDF deployed troops shortly after dozens of Ethiopian soldiers entered and raided a Kenyan village with out permission.

By TesfaNews,

Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper reported that Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers have been deployed to a village called Golole after hundreds of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) soldiers penetrated Kenyan territory and raided a village in the Marsabit county on Sunday (16).

The ENDF soldiers claimed they were chasing Oromo Liberation Front fighters suspected to have killed a police officer inside Ethiopia.

In 2015, the Ethiopian army had entered Kenya without permission and without informing the Kenyan government six times under the same pretext.

During their last incursion though, a number of Kenyan police officers were killed and several villagers beaten. Yesterday’s incursion results the death of a herder.

Marsabit Acting police commander Mark Wanjala said the deceased was herding his camels at around 3pm when he was shot by the Ethiopian army.

“On Sunday, about 100 soldiers invaded Golole in search of members of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) after the latter allegedely killed an office in Ethiopia […],” Mr Wanjala said.

He said tension has gripped the residents of the area, nine kilometers from Sololo police station along the Kenya-Ethiopia border following the incident.

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Amina Mohamed, gave the Ethiopian ambassador to Nairobi, Dina Mufti, until 23 October to come and explain why Ethiopian troops had once again made a raid into Kenyan territory.

According to the Indian Ocean Newsletter, Dina Mufti replied that he would only appear before the Kenyan authorities with the approval of Addis Ababa.