Ethiopia, Eritrea Leaders to Sign Key Cooperation Agreement

Ethiopia and Eritrea are about to sign a formal comprehensive cooperation agreement on trade and trasport
Ethiopia and Eritrea are about to sign a formal comprehensive cooperation agreement that governs trade and transport between the two countries, according to Ambassador Redwan Hussein.


Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea are soon to seal a comprehensive cooperation agreement aimed at formalizing the two countries economic relations and regulating the trade and infrastructural connectivity, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Eritrea, Redwan Hussein said.

The ambassador further noted that the 63-member Eritrean Public Diplomacy and Cultural Group is in Ethiopia and it has been staging musical and cultural performances in the view to consolidating people-to people ties of the two countries.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Herald, Ambassador Redwan said that stakeholders of the two countries have been undertaking extensive discussions on ways to institutionalize the national and border trade, port usage, custom, immigration and transport linkages and the comprehensive agreement would be tabled for the respective leaders for approval.

After Ethiopia and Eritrea endorsed the agreements by their legislative organs, they would establish a joint commission that supervise the execution of accords in such a way ensuring the mutual benefit of people of the two countries and putting the rapprochement in solid base, Redwan elaborated.

Ethio- Eritrean socio- economic relationship is widening following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, he said, adding that discussions and negotiations are underway to expand the partnership in health and education sectors and reach a final deal in the trade law.

The ambassador indicated that the two countries cooperation in the health sector has already commenced and Ethiopian health professional deployed in Eritrea have been playing vital role in providing medical assistance in collaboration with Eritrean colleagues. Furthermore, a team of Ethiopian specialist doctors traveled to Eritrea last Friday to help patients with complex medical problems.

A group of 35 newly graduates and five experienced Ethiopian medical doctors led by Dr. Liya Tadesse, came to Eritrea on 30 December to provide a two-month free medical service.

By the same token, an Eritrean Public Diplomacy and Cultural Group is in Ethiopia for a week-long stay showcasing the two countries revolving relations.

According to Redwan, the group came to celebrate the restoration of peace between the two countries and facilitate conditions for the furtherance of economic and political ties through art and entertainment. The musical and cultural performances also envisioned to bring in people of the two countries together and pave them the way to know one another.

The ambassador further stated that the cultural troupe has been carrying out a successful mission to Ethiopia in enhancing the closeness and mutual understanding between people of the two countries and encouraging them to stand together for common goals.

“Besides entertaining the public and celebrating the peace, the music and cultural shows have been proven fruitful in enhancing the peoples’ goodwill for the realization of the two countries political and economic agendas,” he remarked.

As part of the two countries cultural exchange agreement, Ethiopian Public Diplomacy and Cultural Group would travel to Eritrea to show musical and cultural performances in next month, it was learnt.

A 63-member Eritrean public diplomacy and cultural group is in Ethiopia to consolidate people-to-people ties of the two countries.