Trying to Jam ERI-TV, Ethiopia Knocked Its Own Television Off Air

The illegal electronic interference might cost Ethiopian regime permanently banned from using Arab-Sat communications service

By TesfaNews,

In an attempt that can only described as technologically unfit, the Ethiopian regime led by the increasingly authoritarian leader Meles Zenawi has knocked its own television channels off the air while trying to jam the Eritrean Television satellite transmission.

The Riyadh based company, Arab-Sat, that has both legal and organizational responsibility to ensure uninterrupted service for the satellite broadcast, have condemned the interference as “illegal”. 

Mr. Yishak Yared, Director of, argued that the decision made by the ‘Dear Leader’ to jam its own television transmission in the process was an admission by the regime of its technological incompetence as well as the degree of irrelevance to its channels, which have not yet reached to an amateur standard in terms of picture, sound and content.

Director General of Eritrean Television, Mr. Asmelash Abraha, also indicates that the illegal airwave banditry conducted by the Ethiopian regime emanates from the lack of courage and capacity to face the free dissemination of information and truth.

In its similar hostile policy of electronic jamming, the woyane led government have also jammed in the past the Washington based Voice of America (VOA) radio and website as well as the German based Deutsche Welle (DW) radio from being heard in Ethiopia.

After a barrage of condemnations from CPJ, Human Rights Watch and State Departments for its illegal practices was followed by the regime’s usual denials, the accused Prime Minister finally admits his regime had been testing some jamming equipment that would allow it to block some foreign broadcasts.

“We have for some time now been trying to beef up our capacity to deal with this, including… jamming,” said Meles re-assuring the plan and adds the practice will go forward once it’s capacity is feasible.

Eritrea has vowed to take legal action against the Addis Ababa regime for its illegal jamming practices that might led the juntas complete suspension from using the Arab-Sat service.