Ethiopia: The Condemned Minority TPLF Regime Picked its Own Poison

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The condemned minority TPLF regime is under pressure
Minority TPLF regime’s internal and external pressure cooker: Popular uprisings from inside and a pending military punishment from outside. Hard to tell which one will be delivering the final blow – soon!

By Yohannes Kifle,

After the June 12th military catastrophe against Eritrea, the condemned minority ruling party in Ethiopia was persuaded that the decision to attack or invade Eritrea will only hasten its demise. One must not think that this is a revelation to the regime.

However, the self-induced pressure resulting from endless bragging about unseating the government of Eritrea forced the regime to test the water. The result, as the condemned minority regime found out, was deadly.

Multiple enemies of the minority regime in Ethiopia have been licking their chops and waiting for the exact opportune moment to strike. The number of enemies of the condemned minority regime is increasing at an incredible pace. These enemies of the regime are also growing in size and picking up momentum with the support they are receiving from the people of Ethiopia.

Any war adventure with Eritrea would put a heavy burden on the minority regime to defend the 600 miles long border. At the same time, ignoring the demand from the people of both Oromo and Amhara Gonder can be equally deadly.

Most importantly, not surrendering Badme, the territory that was once disputed and finally was awarded to Eritrea, is a liability to the minority regime. One thing is for sure: the regime is challenged by its inability to govern a country with multiple problems that were manufactured by the regime itself.

Formidable enemies from outside and within are ready to bring the regime down and the regime is forced to pick its own poison.

The growing peaceful demonstration that started in the past few months in Oromia region is spreading like wild fire to other regions. The peaceful demonstration that was conducted in the city of Gonder that is located in the northern part of Ethiopia was stunning to watch. Peaceful demonstration is expected to spread to other cities and no one, including the condemned TPLF minority regime, knows where these demonstrations will lead.

With failed military adventure against Eritrea and mounting internal pressure, the regime seems to choose dying defending its power from the internal oppositions. The regime suspended [ listen the audio here ] its war adventure with Eritrea as the internal pressure continued to mount and became a threat to its existence.

The condemned minority TPLF regime shall not be granted to pick its own poison. Peaceful civil uprising is as devastating blow to the regime as pending military punishment the regime will be facing down the road.

Regardless, its enemies will be the ones to pick the poison for the dying regime. It is hard to know who will be delivering the final blow!