Ethiopia: Most Hated, Most Voted!

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Election in Ethiopian is getting better and better: most hated most voted
Election in Ethiopia is getting better and better, as Wendy Sherman, U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs put it. In 1995 the process guaranteed 75 seats to various opposition parties, then it evolved to only ONE in 2010, until it reaches the present stage of advanced democracy with ZERO representative from the opposition. Wait! Does election means about voting who you hate the most?

By Habtamu Seyoum,

ACCORDING to late may 24 news of the shoddy, government affiliated website, Aiga forum, the Ethiopian people revolutionary democratic front had won 100% of the votes. It looks like Election 2015 is not different from its predecessors; the most hated party in the whole nation proclaimed as it is the sole winner of the popular Election. Delirium seems the intimate pal of the ruling party, madness looks like the chronic disease of EPRDF, Insanity found to be the intrinsic element of this gang.

At this moment, many may think ‘do we still need peaceful way of dealing with those larrikins?’

They know we hated them. Personally I will tell my children, ‘the dark ages were midwifed in Dedbit(the birth place of EPRDF).But still I do not like to advocate the use of barrel. For them, the smell of barrel is as aromatic as scented shrubs. They were rebels who had been befriended with bloody wars. War needs not the bright minded but the dark-hearted. we need to give them what they hate. They hate mind war without a single bullet. And that is solidarity against their seasonal joke.

If you really want to scare them do not pick a gun (at least we need to wait for sometime), act in oneness, let your unity be your mopping weapon. Show them you are not small groups with a gun; show them you are the mass of great intelligence with no return and you need power back to the people.

I used to see election time as Jesus in every five years; it made the unthinkable possible. I witnessed when the pharos get terrified like slaves, I watched the people at power get up from their hammock and worry once again. And this year I found out that it is just the continued Episode of ‘be disappointed’.

What I looked in the pre-election week is the extended version of the last theatre ‘when the dictators get panicked’.

An election is one of the powerful points of solidarity. An Election is capable of creating meeting of minds regardless of your religion, ethnic group; color etc. environs of the election are filled with same songs of change, unity, and oneness. This is a scary -to -death experience for the government. In previous days, it may be is easy to break every single thought of change, but now the solidified sense of togetherness is unthinkable to touch.

That is why the ruling party had wage a silent cracking war in the pre-election days. The ruling party knows it is the most hated. To them, the only way to sweep the ballot box is showing the ultimate aggressiveness.

The past weeks are filled with flustering moments. The police force, (that always acts as the personal guard of the authorities) was busy of jailing young politicians. The social media was swarmed by photos of stoned political party members and raided offices. Almost every political party that decides to stand the ruling party had confronted the bully side of the people at power.

Members of blue party in Debre Markos, members of Arena party from Mekele, members of Mederk in Oromiya and some parts of southern nations and nationalities, are some of the victims. It is amusing to see a maddened ruling party which happens to brag ‘we have enough supporters, winning the election might not be a difficult task’.

And there came Redwan Hussein, a man of neither intelligence nor shame. On national TV he warned the people that if there be a problem during the election week (by problem he meant any protest after the result of the election is announced), the army is ready to do ‘’what is necessary. ‘’

Before even nothing happened all they think is the flood of protesters that seems inevitable after the results. It is obvious the ruling party will not respect any outcome. So to Redwan, it is not untimely to announce a state of emergency like statement before a single emergency matter pops. It is an implicit remark of fear within the ruling party.

The foreign journalists who came to Ethiopia to cover the election were not let free. Under the communication office of the government they are told to notify the place they need to cover and wait some kind of green light. And latter, we read on the social media tanks and heavily armed squad is heading towards Addis Abeba. Wow! Isn’t it‘s like ‘whatever you vote you owe your life to us’. Mass arrest and intimidation once again engulfed the capital.

What happened on the “election day” is the climax of the batty week. From early morning up to the early evening what we read on the social media was a pure violation of the election code of conduct.

Voters, on their Facebook wall posted how the members of the electoral board force them to vote for the ruling party, how they are prevented from voting the opposition groups, how observers and opposition party delegates are harassed etc.

Hiring the army as a threatening squad, spreading members of the electoral board as collaborators of the sin, holding the good for nothing African union observers to hush , we heard the bark of the Aigaians ‘’the ruling party won 100% of the vote”.

What a success, it is like we are going to see no opposition member in the parliament. welcome to the biggest motel of Ethiopia, where more than 500 MPs snore to death. Muzzling the people wasn’t enough for them; they want to play with the life of the mass.

Who knows if they are trying to show the world a new era of governance? Like the marionette prime minister lectured the Al-Jazeera journalist, democracy may not be only an election. Who knows in Ethiopia election is about voting who you hate most?

I am not sure about many things. But I am sure a party that silenced the freedom of speech, the party that fill the prisons with the opposition leaders, the party that sowed tribalism, the party that force thousands to live their home and perished in the Mediterranean, the party that made being educated means nothing but a stone grinder …. is not definitely the one that is entitled to win 100%, unless otherwise there is a new law, ‘most hated, most voted’.

Like St Athanasius of Alexandra even The world may be stand against me, in that case I will respond ‘’Then I am against the world.’’

My words will remain the same ‘we are neither the people that like to coronate our killers nor to see ourselves dead hand folded.’

Welcome to the new era of struggle!!!