Ethiopia: TPLF Worried About Tigray

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As the 2015 general election started casting its gloomy shadow over Ethiopia, the TPLF led government in Addis Ababa scrambled to secure its much needed support from its base Tigray region
As the 2015 general election started to cast its gloomy shadow over Ethiopia, the TPLF led government in Addis scrambled to secure support  from its base, Tigray region

By African Intelligence,

A DELEGATION of former leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, dominant faction of the EPRDF coalition ruling in Addis Ababa) went on a brief visit to the Tigray Regional State two weeks ago, to feel the pulse of their party’s partisans in this region where criticism of federal government is on the rise.

This delegation consisted of the former foreign affairs minister and Seyoum Mesfin, the TPLF ideologue Abay Tsehaye and the former head of EFFORT (organisation of companies linked to the TPLF) Sebhat Nega, who were accompanied with the President of the Tigray Regional State, Abay Woldu

Their aim was to meet TPLF veterans, families of “martyrs” who died in combat and young TPLF officials.

Everywhere they went they heard the same barrage of questions and criticism of their rule in Addis Ababa.

These went from the lack of retirement pensions and compensation for soldiers killed in the war against Eritrea, to accusations levelled against the TPLF leaders in Addis Ababa that they were corrupt and lived a life of luxury.

Most of the time, Sebhat Nega said nothing in response to this criticism other than to admit the truth of the grievances and promise things would change.

No doubt he wanted to avoid the possibility of a setback in the 2015 general election in this region that is a TPLF stronghold.

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