Ethiopia: Why is IGAD’s Reputation in Tatters

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Ethiopia abdicate IGADChairmanship for over 5 years now to effectively turn it into an extension of its Foreign Ministry knwn as EGAD (Ethiopian Government Authority on Development)
Ethiopia abdicates IGAD Chairmanship for over 5 years now to effectively turn it into an extension of its Foreign Ministry known as EGAD (Ethiopian Government Authority on Development)

By Ahmed Abdi,

The Regional Organisation of IGAD is now an organisation that serves the self-interest of Ethiopia – exploited minority tribe that inhabited in Ethiopia’s highland of Tigray.

Established in 1996 in Djibouti, the Organisation’s principles and its purposes behind its creation has been hijacked by Ethiopia-ruled minority tribe of Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front or (TPLF).

“The role of certain Regional countries such as Somalia,Sudan,Djibouti in the body is missing and it’s obvious that the Organization is hijacked by Ethiopia,” said Ali Abdi, a Somali independent researcher

Ethiopia elites use IGAD as a tool to lobby International Community against Regional states such as Somalia and Eritrea and its powerful oppositions.

Ethiopia has been very keen to use an old,aged-policy based on divide-and-rule among ethnic groups within its Country and beyond its border and also establishing renegade individuals and administrations in the region that can serve,advocate,and speak out its interest within Somali inhabited territories for the last two decades.One of renegade individuals is Eng. Mahboub Maalim,who as reported “regurgitates Ethiopia government “Propaganda”.

“As for Eng.Mahboub, every word that Ethiopia whispers into his ears are enough to tattoo on his body”,Said Mr. Abdi.

Uganda was competing against Ethiopia before,but it is likely to be that it was defeated because Ethiopia enjoys the votes of four regional nations-Djibouti,Somalia,South Sudan and her vote-that can’t go anywhere else,while Kenya is neutral.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is an eight-country trading bloc based in Eastern Africa. Including governments from the Horn of Africa, Nile Valley and African Great Lakes, its headquarters are located in Djibouti.

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