Ethiopian Regime a Step Away From Its Own Grave

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The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them” – Mark Twain

Time for the minority regime in Ethiopia to reap what they saw
Time for the minority regime in Ethiopia to reap what it saw

By Yosef Tesfasilas,

UNFORTUNATELY, the Ethiopian Woyane regime has never been a servant to Ethiopians but a totalitarian regime who has been on a mission for the last several decades to bring a totality of terror not only in Ethiopia but also in Horn of Africa as well. For the last several decades, slowly but surely, the regime has been putting nails on its own coffin. Time has arrived for the regime to put the ‘the last nail on its coffin’.

Since the helm of the regime, it has been a catalytic burner in producing tribal conflicts, religious conflicts, ethnic cleansing, genocide, border disputes, land grabbing and etc. Therefore, the regime has created a diversity of nemesis from all angles. Who are the major nemesis that could seal the fate of the regime? Who are from the nemesis that is ultimately going to put the regime in its own coffin?


The Tigrayan people are the foundation of springboard of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) movement. Sadly, Tigrayans, in the last century, has faced a major hardship from the Ethiopian government particularly under former Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam regime-known as Derg. Therefore, the Tigrayans has decided to stand up for their self-determination rights in eradicating the ethnic cleansing, abject poverty, chronic diseases … etc.

With help from the Eritrean people, the TPLF has gradually become a formidable nemesis to the Derg regime in Tigrai. Unfortunately, the Tigrayan people were immediately betrayed once the TPLF regime roamed into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The betrayal of TPLF regime which has been a huge blow to the fabrics of society for the majority of Tigrayan people. The Tigrayan people has shed their loved ones bloods to full-fill their long-term aspirations of becoming a people who are free from abject poverty, chronic diseases, and corruptions. Instead, the TPLF has only been delivering endless of terror to its own people.

Indeed, the majority of Tigrayan people have discorded themselves from the TPLF regime. Perhaps the minority of Tigrayan people who have gained immense wealth under the TPLF regime. Certainly, the diaspora Tigrayans have finally awaken in small factions such as California, Washington, Texas, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Chicago, Atlanta, and Europe, all over the world against the tyrant’s regime because the majority of Tigrayan people are peaceful and hard-working who are aspired to live in harmony with all tribes and neighbors. The Tigrayan people have finally awaken against tyrant’s regime.


When the TPLF liberators roamed into Addis Ababa, the Amhara people did not waited with rosy flowers to welcome the Tigrayan fighters. Yet, the liberators were immediately perceived as invaders with mighty weapons in their soils. Historically speaking, no foreigner’s army has won the minds and hearts of the native people. For instance, developed countries with their mighty army could not sustain for a long time on their residency in a foreign land.

The Amhara people have certainly illustrated the world in a uniform mode of democracy that they do not welcome the TPLF’s liberator in Ethiopia. For example, the 2005 election was a hallmark in which a majority of Amhara people voted against the tyrant’s regime. The election outcome certainly indicated that the Amhara people would like the regime to depart from their lands. The aftermath of the election, consequently the Amharas are constantly being hunted down inside or outside of Ethiopia.

According to the tyrant’s regime, every Amhara people are considered to be a terrorists. Certainly, this is a symptom of paranoia that the TPLF regime had acquired once it was considered to be an unwelcome aliens. The Amhara people, all over the world, have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.


The Horn of Africa has definitely seen colossal of humanitarian crisis in the Ogaden region. The Ogaden people has been victimized by the TPLF region for many years without the International Communities awareness. However, Sweden is the first European country to have awareness on the unprecedented human right violations against the Ogaden people. The Human Rights Watch has substantially recorded evidences on the regime committing heinous crimes against children, women, and elderly. The Ogaden people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.


From 2004 to 2006, the TPLF regime was on mission to cleans ethnic Anuakes from their ancestral land. December of 2004, the regime had killed 400 Anuakes just in one day. The TPLF regime has decided to eradicate these people because it needs their land for investors. There are more than 2000 Anuake tribe residing in United States alone after fleeing the massacre and ethnic cleansing perpetrated in their village by the regime.

Indeed, the Anuke people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.


The TPLF regime has systematically taken the fertile lowlands from Benishangul tribe and give it to the Tigrayan investors. Also, the regime has indiscriminately murdered many young men who are innocent and do not have any relation with the guerrilla fighters of Benishangul.

There are daily conflicts in the Benishangul-Gumuz region because of land grabbing policy the regime has introduced in the region. The people of Benishangul have finally awoken against the tyrant’s regime.


The inhabitant of the tribe is in southwestern of Ethiopia in the Nile Valley. For thousands years, the tribe has lived in the Nile of Valley lands. However, the regime has been on mission to eradicate the minority tribe from their ancestral lands. Majority of tribe has fled the ethnic cleansing by fleeing to nearby countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan. The Nuer people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.


Oromos are the majority population in Ethiopia. The Oromo tribe has been victimized by every predecessor regime. However, the TPLF has been the worst regime that the Oromo people have ever seen. On daily basis, there are conflicts between Tigrayans and Oromos through out the country.

The TPLF regime has systematically taken the Oromo lands and distributed to the Tigrayan investors. The Oromo, like their counterpart Amhara, are labelled as terrorists. The regime has been on killing Speer recently with out discriminating women and children after accusing the people as supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Indeed, the regime has symptom of paranoia. Oromo people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.


In 2006, the TPLF regime has invaded Somalia in which it was under the reign of the Islamic Court Union (ICU). Since then, the regime has brought terror to Somalian people.

Sadly, millions of Somalian refugees have become a homeless inside Somalia. The fortunate Somalis were able to flee to the neighbor countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Today, Somalia is known for piracy and lawlessness. Somalia people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

As the saying goes, “He cooked his own goose”. Perhaps it is unfathomable to reckon that TPLF’s liberator in just two decades has become a terror and invader in Horn of Africa. The regime has caused endless of horrors and unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the regions. A variety of indigenous tribes have lived in serenity and harmony in the Nile Valley for mellenia. However, these tribes have eradicated from their ancestral lands because the regime have great interests in their lands.

Today, the regime has found itself surrounded with proliferation of nemeses in all regions of Ethiopia. Certainly, perhaps it is going to be the Tigrayan people who are going to seal the fate of the TPLF regime in its own coffin with the last nail left. Perhaps the betrayal of Tigrayan people is the final blow for the regime to be sealed in its coffin.