Ethiopians Killed in South Sudan Exceeds 30

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“Thousands of armed youth loyal to ousted Vice President Riek Machar (aka “White Army”) are marching toward the government-held town of Bor as the international community presses for a cease-fire.” – VOA

Ethiopians and Eritreans in South Sudan seek help
Ethiopians and Eritreans in South Sudan seek help


Ethiopian emigrants that reside in the Unity State of South Sudan are stating that they are found in war zone and are at risk.

Six Ethiopians working in the State’s main road construction said they have been hiding inside heavy machineries for the past two days. They said two Ethiopians have been killed while three were wounded.

Although the total number of Ethiopians that have been killed so far is unknown, according to the Voice of America (VoA) Amharic service, 30 Ethiopians have been killed until the December 26, 2013.

The Ethiopian migrants have told ESAT that their government has not reached out to them so far. They said they are puzzled that when the government of Kenya and Uganda have evacuated their citizens from South Sudan, the Ethiopian government did not do a thing.

Four Ethiopian women who have been raped in the Jonglei State of South Sudan have received medical treatment in the United Nations Hospital in Juba.

Meanwhile, According to the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), spearheaded by leaders of seven East African countries, South Sudanese President SalvaKiir expressed his commitment to cease fire in the recently war-ravaged country. Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenyan President, said, “Let it be known we in IGAD will not accept the unconstitutional overthrow of a duly and democratically elected government in South Sudan.

More than 1,000 people have been killed in fighting between the government and rebels since 15 December when violent clashes began in the capital, Juba.
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The following was what VOA Tigrinya Service reported about Ethiopians and Eritreans who are left behind in South Sudan .

“ኢትዮዽያውያንን ኤርትራውያንን ተቀማጦ ደቡብ ሱዳን ንብረቶም ስለዝተዘረፈ ባዶ ኢዶም ከምዝተረፉን ህይወቶም ኣብ ሓደጋ ስለዝወደቀ ኣርክቡልና ይብሉ‘ለው።”  (Fast Forward to 10 minutes mark)


VOA Amharic Service reported the following (Must Listen):

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