EU Parliament called for International Cooperation to Fight Human Trafficking

Eritrea continuously called for the UN to launch an independent investigation on Human Trafficking against Eritreans so as to bring to justice to those culpable parties. EU MEPs need to endorse that call to bring such crimes on Eritreans to an end.

By TesfaNews,

The European Parliament today passed a resolution calling for coordinated regional action to tackle human trafficking in Sinai.

Parliament states its “deep concern” regarding the reported cases of human trafficking in Sinai and “condemns the terrible abuses to which the victims are subjected”. 

It stresses the importance of protecting and assisting Sinai survivors, with special regard to medical, psychological and legal support.

“Increased international support and more cooperation among the governments of Egypt, Israel, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan are necessary,” said member of the Parliament (MEP).

MEPs are also “very concerned about the reports of blackmailing taking place from within the EU” and call on EU foreign and justice ministers to take appropriate measures”.

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