Will the EU Parliamentary Plenary Debate Be a Battle for the Mediocrity of Mirjam Van Reisen?

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Mirjam Van Reisen
Mirjam Van Reisen cannot live by bread alone; she must have Eritrea as her butter.

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

As continuation of her pre-attacking methodologies, Mirjam Van Reisen has posted in her Facebook an invitation (see picture above) for people to stream their comments unequivocally. She authenticates:

It will be very important to send your messages and concerns to us and we make sure the European Parliamentarians will see them. Please let us know what you think should be raised.

In fact, in addition to the bitter defeat against her fabricated perceptions for alleging Meseret Bahlibi [as an Eritrean government spy] in the beginning of this month, her tones in this post “send your messages and concerns to us” also raises other suspicions.

As far as it is not clear who those branded as ‘us,’ it is clear that she is still ready to embroil in issues which are not, at first hand, concerning to her.

No matter to the ramifications the EU is now faced amid the storms of migrant crisis, countries’ divided policies on how to respond to the situation of allocating immigrants and of Britain’s ‘BreXit’ issues, the Union, according to her post, has decided to debate on Eritrea’s panoptic situations from 7-10 March.

Thus, what will be the role of Mirjam Van Reisen in the coming plenary debate which needs to be founded on the principles of neutralization and non-alignment.

Therefore, in addition to Ethiopia’s notorious culture of mentioning Eritrea in case of dangerous home affairs as the alleged accusations of supporting the Oromo protesters and acts of kidnappings for Ethiopian traditional miners, it is time to face another dragging political tricks of like Mirjam Van Reisen individuals who attempt to mix ‘nation’ and ‘nationals.’

It is like the one named Aba Dahri commented to Mirjam that “Eritrea is for the Eritreans.”