General Wuchu: More than Just a Hero

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"Wuchu" - Our Revolutionary Hero
“Wuchu” – Our Revolutionary Hero and Brave Commander. R.I.P

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

To have a gem in the hands is such a gift but when it perishes it is such a horror. One that isn’t malevolent but more of a melancholy horror. We Eritreans have lost a big gem. One that shines wherever it goes.  One that differs from the rest because it is so unique. Now that it has gone away it shows us how valuable that gem really is.

General Wuchu has passed away. To speak by his proper name Gebrezigher Andemariam has passed away. A man raised by shepherds. A man of many words. A man whose continuous fight for prosperity has led to a better world for Eritreans. A man who has left us in a state of shock because he is now gone forever. A man whose feet kept moving to the final destination even when he had to take puny steps. A man who will always be remembered by Eritreans. 

To go on reminiscing about this man will not cover how great he is and how potent his presence has been to Eritrea. In fact, it may be an impossible task to cover up how valuable a man like him has been to Eritrea. General Andemarium mostly known by his famous nickname ‘Wuchu’ started off his aspiring dream of liberating Eritrea with his fellow comrades in 1971.

Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu): 1950 – 2014
Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu): 1950 – 2014

He was only 21. His dream was shared by many other Eritreans but in the context his dream like many others did not seem to be an existing one because they practically had to overcome all the adversity and overpowering odds. But for General Wuchu the context was just a mere obstacle ready to be obstructed by the powerful spirit of his and his comrades. This spirit of his was one of the many characteristics of his that were extremely admirable. As he led in countless battles one after another he became an iconic figure in the land of Eritrea and a hated one of the enemy because of his charismatic and surging personality that helped lead us to independence.

Even at such a young age the dream of his, the drive, and the power combined made this man something special. Watching him command his fellow soldiers with dignity, honor and courage was absolutely magnificent.

As he was involved in almost every battle, the war could have never been won without such a surgical and moving force like him. We were lucky to cling on and give birth to such a heroic man. Eritrea has raised a special child to a man who can only be honored in an unimaginable way. His value is to such a high degree that roars over past the sky. We can only see what we have lost. But to take a negative note on this is not the way to handle such a heavy dosed loss. Even as the countless memories pile up of his heroic yet touching story we need to see the benefits of receiving such a gift like him. We need to remember his words and his leadership as a symbol and factor to leading us to a better Eritrea as he helped lead us to one of the first major steps being an independent Eritrea.

He has given us a hope that there is this possibility of overcoming the odds. He has given us the hope that Eritrea will stand on its feet no matter how many times they attempt to batter it on the ground. He has given us hope that strength will lead you to a very high place as it did for him. Most of all he has gave us hope that an independent Eritrea will thrive and live on with a moving power that he has given us.

We cannot mourn for such a long time about this catastrophic loss but instead take what we have learned from such an immaculate figure and use it for the better. We need to continue to build the mountain that he started to build from the very bottom of the ground. Most of all we need to know that no matter the fact that he has passed away his spirit and the legend he has made for himself and this country will live on in the hearts of every Eritrean.

Zelalemawi Zkri Nisemaetatna
Awet N’Hafash

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