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Free Education for All
Free Education for All

By Kidane Eyob,

The EPLF, firmly and consistently pursued the principles of self-reliance along with a policy of economic and political independence as its Golden Principles until the independence of Eritrea.

Even during the darkest hours of the armed struggle for independence, the EPLF never compromised the Golden Principle. Likewise, the Government of Eritrea (GoE) is determined to maintain this Golden Principle and will not be derailed from the path that will gradually lead Eritrea to economic emancipation. Some fickle governments, organisations and individuals keep on flip-flopping their social, political and economic policies and lack lifelong principles as they keep on changing the goalposts and benchmarks every time the going gets tough or are intimidated by others.

The worst crime against humanity is when they sell their principles for crumbs.

Over four thousand young Eritrean men and women have in the last few weeks graduated from many colleges located all over Eritrea. Many have graduated with diplomas and first degrees and many more with certificates while others with masters’ degrees. These graduates have been studying in different colleges for the last few years free of charge.

Free education, free accommodation, free medical care and free food for the duration of the course; whether it is a one year certificate course or a five year degree course. Parents and students don’t have to pay a penny as all costs are covered by the GoE.

The Golden Principle of “Self Reliance and Economic and Political Independence” is deeply rooted in the Eritrean tradition and culture. It is not a new philosophy and most definitely not imported from the West, China or Russia. It is one of the paramount Eritrean virtues which promotes social justice and have enabled Eritrean families and villages to live in peace and harmony for centuries.

Eritrean people have for centuries rejected the culture of dependency which, sadly, is flourishing in most third world countries. As a loyal messenger of the Eritrean people, the EPLF, during the armed struggle for independence and the GoE  after independence are simply implementing this culture, of “Self Reliance and Economic and Political Independence” which the Eritrean people recognise as a “Golden Principle” and basic human decency.

In accordance with the Eritrean culture, and the same way an Eritrean village would work together to build a newly married couple a new home and gives them a plot of land to farm so this new family is self-reliant and economically independent, the GoE is educating the youth, free of charge promoting equal opportunities so that the youth acquires the knowledge and skills they require to become employable, self-reliant and independent citizens.

Educated, Skilled, experienced and independent youth will in return maintain the Golden Principle of self-reliance and Economic and Political independence. This Golden Principle is the corner stone of Eritrean culture which promotes social justice and maintains the peace and harmony that Eritrea enjoys in this volatile region. This generation of youth equipped with knowledge, skills, experience and the Golden Principle will determine the future Eritrea in the making so watch the space.

We are all aware about the current cost of education, accommodation and food in this uncertain economic climate and cost cutting drama unfolding in many countries including in Western Europe, but in spite of all the global economic challenges and the declared and undeclared sanctions, the GoE has consistently been providing free education, not only to the few “elite”, the “rich” and those in urban areas but to all Eritrean citizens regardless of their geographical location and economic status.

The buildings of former Asmara University are currently being used by Orotta School of Medicine and Dental Medicine students as well as Law Students. The school of Law should have been located in Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Science; however, as the lecturers are composed of people working in the legal profession, such as judges, living and working in Asmara, this school has to be located in Asmara.

Against all the odds, the Golden Youth of the 1960s, 70s and 80s achieved independence because of EPLF’s Golden Principle during the armed struggle. Likewise, the current Golden Youth is determined to achieve food security and economic emancipation against all the declared and undeclared sanctions, sabotages and conspiracies because of the GoE’s Golden Principle.


 Name of College


 No. of graduates in 2013

The seven colleges evolving into universities and providing masters’ degree, first degree and diploma courses
1./  Orotta School of Medicine and Dental Medicine Asmara 29 Medical Doctors graduated in December 2012.The next planned graduation ceremony is in December 2013. A total of 176 Medical Doctors have graduated since the college was established in 2004.
 2./  Asmara College of Health Science Asmara  347 with Degree
 3./  Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT)  Mai-Nefhi  11 with Masters, 403 with Bachelor’s degree and 698 with Diploma.
 4./  Halhale College of Business and Economics  Halhale  362 with degrees and diplomas
 5./  Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Science  Adi-Keih  66 with degree and 20 with diploma
 6./  Hamelmalo Agricultural College  Hamelmalo  201 with degree and 177 with diploma
 7./  College of Marine Science and Technology  Massawa  148 with degree and diploma
Other community or equivalent colleges providing certificate and courses


1./  Sawa Vocational Training Centre Sawa  2,161 graduates in 19 disciplines with certificates
2./  Asmara Community College of Education Asmara  600 teachers with certificates
3./  Denden Commercial School Asmara  444 with certificates
4./  Halai Technical School (Pavoni) Asmara  38 with certificates
5./  Asmara Technical School Asmara  239 in certificates
6./  Segen Arts Group Asmara  35 with certificates
7./  Mai-Habar Technical School Mai-Habar  201 with certificate
8./  Hagaz Agricultural Technical School Hagaz  128 with certificate
9./  Don Bosco Technical School Dekemhare  187 with certificate
10./  Wina Technical School Nakfa  194 with certificate
11./  Barentu Associate Nursing School Barentu  68 with Certificate
12./  Mendefera Associate Nursing School Mendefera  98 with Certificate
13./  Ginda Associate Nurses School Ginda  62 with Certificate


Free-Education-For-All all the way through tertiary level makes Eritrea and its government unique in the world
Free-Education-For-All all the way through tertiary level makes Eritrea and its government unique in the world