Lynched Eritrean Asylum Seeker Habtom Zerom

Israel to Compensate Family of Slain Eritrean

Lynched Eritrean Asylum Seeker Habtom Zerom
MORALLY CORRECT. Attorney general overrules National Insurance Institute’s decision in case of Lynched Eritrean Asylum Seeker who were killed when mistaken for terrorist, stating that he was a victim of terror and qualifies for benefits.

By Tova Zimuki | for Ynet News,

The family of the Eritrean man who was killed after being mistaken as an assailant during a terror attack will receive compensation, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced on Wednesday.

Habtom Zerhom was shot six times by a policeman in Be’er Sheva’s central bus station after a terrorist stole a soldier’s weapon and opened fire, and as rumors spread during the chaotic moments of the attack that there was a second gunman.

Zerhom sustained a fatal wound from the gunfire. A few angry civilians kicked and hit him as he lay dying, whom police said were being identified.

The National Insurance Institute had decided that compensation for the incident would not be provided, but Weinstein ruled that Zerhom was a victim of terror and thus his family should receive the associated benefits.

The attorney general was briefed on the details of the investigation earlier this week and instructed that findings be prepared as soon as possible.

Police examined security camera footage and video taken by witnesses in order to identify individuals who attacked Zerhom. According to investigators, members of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) were among those participating in the violence. An officer and warden from the IPS were arrested along with two other people suspected of involvement.

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Israel paid for the flight bringing Zerhom’s body to Eritrea. The National Insurance Institute initially opposed the funding out of concern that it would be interpreted as recognition of his status as a terror victim, but ultimately changed its position and split the costs with the Foreign Ministry.