Jon Snow’s Interview with Yemane Ghebreab

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One can hardly call it a television interview. A British Channel 4 news host Jon Snow has wasted a unique opportunity of getting the views of the Eritrean government during his program on Eritrean migrants. . 

What transpired during the so called “interview” with Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, Eritrean President Special Advisor and Head of Political affairs of the ruling PFDJ, was an embarrassment to Jon Snow himself and Channel 4 news Television.

In an apparent display of contempt and arrogance towards his guest, and possibly to Eritrea, Host Jon Snow repeatedly denied Mr. Yemane to finish answering to any of his questions.

Technically speaking, Jon Snow conducts the “interview” to himself as he was the one asking and answering his own questions at the same time.

Whatever was the intention, Jon Snow rather made a mockery of himself. His arrogance was beyond any ones expectation. He even tried to argue Mr. Yemane when the war with Ethiopia actually ended. He can’t be that serious?

The condescending tone and his repeated attempt to belittle the country Eritrea as “your tiny nation”, it  was another display of his lack of insight and perspectives. He would have done well at least if he knows his United Kingdom is as tiny as Eritrea in size too. What a thug!