Lufthansa to Resume Flights to Eritrea under new Air Traffic Agreement

I am visiting business circles in İstanbul to discuss how to enhance bilateral ties. I’ll also meet with Turkish Airlines to discuss direct flights between Turkey and Eritrea” – Ambassador Firat Sunel

Lufthansa will face a fierce competition from Turkish Airlines in the lucrative Asmara flight before the end of this year.

By Reuters,

German airline Lufthansa has stopped flights to Asmara, capital of Eritrea, pending the signing of a new air traffic agreement between Germany and the African state, a spokesman for the airline said on Tuesday.

Lufthansa previously flew to Asmara three times a week from Frankfurt via Jedda but cancelled its flights from last weekend. Reservations have been cancelled and flights rebooked via Cairo through Lufthansa’s partner Egypt Air, the spokesman added.

Eritrean officials were not immediately available to comment.

Lufthansa has also decided to drop from December two other African destinations, Libreville in Gabon and Pointe Noire in the Congo Republic.

“We stopped flying to those two cities for commercial reasons. They were not profitable,” the spokesman said.
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According to an email obtained from Lufthansa Head Quarter, the airline has not generally stopped flying to Asmara but is awaiting the signing of a new air traffic agreement.

This is what the email says:

Dear Dave

Lufthansa has not generally stopped flying to Asmara but is awaiting the signing of a new agreement between the Eritrean and German Government, then flights will continue again.

Best Aage Dünhaupt

Sources closer to TesfaNews expects the resumption of the flights in a couple of weeks i.e. between 16-18 November.

(For a screenshot of the email, click HERE )
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