Meles Zenawi and his Obsession with Eritrea

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Ethiopia's Obsession with Eritrea

“Meles recognises Eritrea’s independence legally but not emotionally and psychologically”

By Kidane Eyob,

Just like an abusive, obsessive, psychotic and manipulative husband who would never let his ex-wife go free after they have been legally divorced because he does not accept the divorce both emotionally and psychologically, 20 years on, Meles Zenawi does not wish to let Eritrea go free. After ten years, he has given up on his desperate pursuit of ‘’dialogue’’ with the Government of Eritrea (GOE) before the implementation of the Final and Binding Ruling of the EEBC and his newly imported vocabulary seems to be ‘’regime change’’.  

The same way an abusive, obsessive, psychotic and manipulative husband manipulates his extended family to gain their blind material, psychological and emotional support, Meles has manipulated the west in order to gain the same advantage and support making it difficult for them to accept the divorce of the unlawful marriage between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1952 and move on.

It is evident that the bitter pill Meles should have swallowed in 1993 when legally recognising Eritrea’s independence has remained stuck in his throat for the last 20 years causing him distress, excruciating pain, migraine, sleepless nights and chronic depression because he has not emotionally and psychologically recognised Eritrea’s independence.

Against all the odds, Eritrea achieved its independence militarily in 1991 and after exercising its basic human right of self-determination through a referendum in 1993; Meles and the West were legally forced to recognise Eritrea’s independence. However, Meles has not yet recognised Eritrea’s independence psychologically and emotionally and 20 years on he is still obsessed with Eritrea and doesn’t wish to let her go free.

Eritreans acknowledge that the West have a guilty conscience because they masterminded the unlawful marriage between Eritrea and Ethiopia by manipulating the UN and abusing their Veto Power in the Security Council when they forced Eritrea to be federated with Ethiopia in 1952. Furthermore, they watched Ethiopia violate the federal system, subjugate and massacre the Eritrean people in silence and ignored Eritrea’s military struggle for independence for three decades. To add insult to injury, they have failed to implement the final and binding ruling of the EEBC.

The West on the other hand recognises that the EPLF achieved Eritrea’s independence in 1991 without their support and blessing and after the referendum; they were legally forced to recognise Eritrea’s independence. Also, they recognise that the GOE has been firmly and consistently pursuing its own social, political and economic policies for the last 20 years and in spite of the declared and undeclared sanctions and sabotages, Eritrea has succeeded where so many other African countries failed, in safeguarding its national security, promoting social justice and bringing about a holistic development nationwide. Ironically, however, they don’t seem to recognise that they don’t have the legal or moral ground to dictate what social, political and economic policies the GOE should pursue.

All attempts to reverse Eritrea’s independence by employing various methods such as divide and rule, demanding western style multiparty democracy and free press, institutionalising dependency and corruption through aid, intimidation, bulling, diplomatic isolation, sanctions, economic sabotage, inciting neighbouring countries to initiate border conflicts etc have failed miserably.

The GOE is 100% focused and determined to safeguard the national security, promote social justice and achieve food security and holistic development based on its Golden Principle – ‘Political and Economic Independence’. Any seasonal or cyclical issues, problems and conflicts at the local, regional and global level will not derail the GOE from the pursuit of its original and pragmatic social, political and economic policies in honour of the Eritrean martyrs who paid the ultimate price to achieve Eritrea’s independence and safeguard its sovereignty.

Meles on the other hand has lost the plot and his obsession with Eritrea has blinded him and will ultimately lead to self-destruction like his predecessors before him. He has neglected the needs of the vast majority of the Ethiopian people, squandered their natural resources including Ethiopia’s fertile land. So far, he has sold Ethiopia’s fertile land estimated to be the size of Britain, to foreign investors for next to nothing.

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