Shocking: Most Ethiopians Don’t Know Their President!

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President Mulatu
CLASSIC. Can this be the only African President that none of his people know him by his name?

By TesfaNews,

Ethiopia’s popular online video sharing site, DireTube, recently conducted a very candid survey on a variety of Addis Ababa residents by asking them two simple questions. First they were asked to tell the name of their President. The response they got was very astounding if not disturbing. Almost 90% of the participants do not have a clue on who their President is and what he looked like. Not a chance.

When the reporter switched the question from “Who is our President” to “Who is the Mayor” of their city (Addis Ababa), the result was equally disturbing if not worse. Almost none of the resident’s of the city knows who the Mayor is. 

Hold on. These residents from Africa’s capital city are not that ignorant after all. When asked a bonus question to name the President of the United States, almost all of them got it right. They said Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

This is unreal. How come the citizens of a given independent nation knows Barack Obama as the U.S. President while they can’t tell one of their own? How come President Obama be known to the Ethiopia people more than their own President? Is it because their President is unpopular? Something is not right anyway.

The standards used on this simple video survey may not serve to run an IQ test but it sure does help to tell one thing for a fact. That is the people and government in Ethiopia are completely detached to one another. What makes this revelation more interesting is that, it comes on the hills of recent election victory whereby the government claimed getting 100% of the people’s vote.

NOTE: Click the DireTube picture (frame) below to play the video. If it fails to work, click HERE to watch it direct from DireTube page.