Natnael Berhane, The Great Hope of African Cycling

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Elected best African athlete of the year in 2013, Eritrean cyclist Natnael Berhane continued his winning streak by winning Tour of Gabon in January. Recruited by the French team Europcar, this young talent lives and trains in Vendée.

The Vendée is located 5,000 km from Asmara, the capital of his country, but yet it is in this french department that the Eritrean cyclist Natnael Berhane is housed. Since he was hired last year by the prestigious Team Europcar, he trains several hours a day on the roads of Vendée. Despite the rain, the good climber came from a mountainous country does not balk at the task. He has only one dream: to shine on the Grande Boucle. 

I know I have to work hard if I want to win the Tour de France,” said the athlete to FRANCE 24.

In January, Natnael Berhane was the first African to win the Tour of Gabon, the most important race of the continent. The sports director of Europcar Bernaudeau said he was proud to have him in his team, in a sport that still has very few African cyclists.

“Natnael must be a locomotive for tomorrow, there is much runners in Africa that can say ‘if you want you can. Hopefully it will make a great career because it has many consequences. There will be plenty of emulation among the young riders in Africa. ”

While living away from his family is sometimes difficult, the young champion, aged 23, is not complaining. On the contrary, he said: “I am very lucky to be a cyclist I love more my job, I became a professional, I’m happy and lucky.”

African Cycling hero Natnael Berhane seeking to Win Tour de France
Eritrean rider Natnael Berhane, a Champion of Africa and winner of a number of tours in two continents, speeds across Europe. 

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