(VIDEO) Nevsun’s Transition to a Significant Zinc Producer

Development News Video

By CEO.ca,

Scott Trebilcock, Chief Development Officer, Nevsun Resources speaks at the Subscriber Investment Summit in Toronto on March 5, 2016. Nevsun is a copper and zinc producer in Eritrea with a history of exploration success and disciplined growth.

How to Buy Nevsun Shares

Very Easy Steps:

Set-up a brokerage account with E-trade or Charles Schwab. Choose a discount broker like that. Once you set-up a brokerage account, link it to your checking account. Make sure there is enough money in your checking account. the transaction fee is really minimal I think it is a flat fee.

So let’s say Nevsun’s stock is trading at $4 per share and you want to buy 1,000 shares. Make sure you have at least $4,010 in your bank account. The $10 extra is for transaction fee.

Then go into your brokerage account and choose “Purchase” from the drop down menu and select “NSU” and input “1000” for shares. NSU is the ticker symbol for Nevsun, 1000 is the number of shares, Purchase is because you are buying it.

Three days later the money comes out of your checking account and your brokerage account shows you are long 1000 shares of NSU. At that point when the trade settles three days later, you have become a proud owner of 1000 shares of Nevsun.

Let’s say you only want to buy 100 shares of Nevsun. Then you need at least $410 in your checking out. Good luck. (Courtesy of Cave-Man)

NOTICE: Nothing in this information is intended to be investment or professional advice of any kind. Always good to consult investment and portfolio advisor of your bank prior to making any trading decisions.