New High School Built at US $2.3m in Sembel Sub -Zone

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Eritrea allocates 45 % of its annual budget on Education and that enables its citizens to get FREE education up to tertiary levels” – Education Minister, Semere Russom

The all-new Sembel High School
The all-new Sembel Secondary High School

By TesfaNews,

A NEW high school that was financed by the Zoba ma’ekel regional administration has been officially inaugurated on Saturday, April 26th in Sembel sub-zone.

The school that consists of 48 class rooms, 4 laboratory rooms, 3 computers rooms, a large meeting hall, modern library and a number of stuff offices costs the administration around 35 million Nakfa (2.3 million US dollars). 

In a speech she delivered during the occasion, Ms. Sitom Seid, administrator of Sembel sub-zone, said that the construction of the school has been a continuation of the endeavors by the Government of Eritrea to ensure equal distribution of schools in the country, and called on parents and students to make judicious use of the school.

Mr. Belai Habtegabir, a representative from the Education Ministry on his part said that the construction of the school that have a capacity to accommodate up to 5000 students in two shifts would have significant contribution in the rise of female enrollment in schools.

The residents of Sembel sub-zone who participated in the inauguration explained that their children had to travel long distance to attend high school and with the construction of the school in their back yard their problem has been solved.

In line with the decentralization policy of the government and the revised National Policy on Education, delivering education to children in remote and rural areas are among the priorities.

The policy states that “the government will work towards equitable education opportunities to all citizens irrespective of rural-urban, regional, gender and ethnic difference”.

The all-new Sembel High School is then the product of these outstanding policy.
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