OLF Statement on Planned Kenya and Ethiopia Joint Military Operations

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OLF statement against the moyale agreement
Kenya and Ethiopia sign pact to “end conflict along their common borders”. The Oromo Liberation Front, however, believes the pact also aims at coordinating joint military operations against it. It warns Kenya to desist from involving in the affairs of the Oromo people and their struggle for freedom, democracy and justice.

By Oromo Liberation Front,

Recently, the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments have made an agreement to cooperate in waging war on the Oromo People’s Liberation (OLF) movement. It is very unfortunate that Kenya agrees to support the Ethiopian dictatorial regime militarily against Oromo liberation forces.

The TPLF/EPRDF has been sustained in power for nearly 25 years by governments from far and near. It has been receiving military assistance in the form of training, armament and security in addition to diplomatic and financial support. These governments continue to maintain the dictatorial regime in power, in spite of the continued opposition by the peoples under its oppressive rule.

It is well known in many quarters now that the Kenyan government’s security forces has been going out of their ways to work with the Ethiopian agents against Oromo refugees. In addition, the Kenyan army has cooperated in the past with the Ethiopian army to wage war against Oromo People’s Liberation struggle, even though unsuccessful.

There were cases when Kenyan security forces cooperated with the Ethiopian regime’s security agents to abduct members of Oromo legal refugees and deport them to Ethiopia. Many of these individuals were shot and killed upon arrival in Ethiopia or thereafter. Many were sentenced to life in prison by the regime’s bogus court and continue to suffer in prisons. Also, there were instances when Oromo nationalists were gunned down in Nairobi by Ethiopian security agents in close cooperation with Kenyan security.

International human rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Right Watch and refugee organizations including the UNCHR have repeatedly warned the Kenyan authorities to stop violating internationally recognized rights of the Oromo refugees in Kenya. Unfortunately the Kenyan police and security forces have continued to violate the rights of Oromo refugees.

At present the TPLF/EPRDF is about to re-open war on the OLF units in the southern part of Oromia in particular. It is with this in mind that the Ethiopian regime is seeking the cooperation of the Kenyan military to try to dislodge the Oromo Liberation Army from this region in vain. This is not the first time that Kenyan military and security forces cooperated with the Ethiopian army to work against the Oromo Liberation Front.

The present Ethio-Kenyan agreement concluded at Moyale between the Kenyan president and Ethiopian nominal Prime Minister is aimed at creating obstacles to the ongoing Oromo people’s liberation struggle. During the last few weeks the Oromo national liberation struggle has been intensified by Oromo students’ widespread peaceful demonstrations all over Oromia against the regime and for the freedom of their people. As a result, the regime has become very desperate and started seeking additional outside help, this time from Kenya. The aim is to suffocate and push back the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom, equality and peace.

The OLF, once again would like to ask the Kenyan authorities to desist from involving in the affairs of peoples outside its own territory and create obstacles to the genuine liberation struggle of the Oromo people. We wish to remind Kenyan authorities that history will judge them harshly for any action they have taken and will take against Oromo people’s liberation struggle.

The Oromo and Kenyan peoples have lived together as neighbours and families for centuries and have a lot in common. The have very close blood, economic and cultural relations. Both people have suffered under colonialism. When the Kenyans won their freedom from the colonizers the Oromo people are still suffering under the Ethiopian colonialism headed by the Tigrean masters. Like Kenyans and others did, the Oromo people are fighting to regain their freedom.

We call on all Oromo inside and outside to stand in unison to defend themselves against the all-round conspiracy that is aimed on our survival as people. We call on all Oromo in the Ethiopian and Kenyan Armed Forces to stand with their People to foil this evil conspiracy that endanger the very survival of the Oromo People as individual and as a nation. We also call on the People of Kenya to put pressure on the Kenyan government to stand out of the conflict between the Oromo People and the Ethiopian brutal and repressive regime.

Victory to the Oromo people!
Oromo Liberation Front
December 08, 2015