Only in Eritrea, Only Eritrea


By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Dedicated to Martyr Major General Gherezgiher Andemariam (Wuchu) a selfless dedicated man with unparallel history that represents; exemplifies and glorifies what Eritrea and Eritreans stand for.

May God rest his soul and provide strength to his family. 
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A loyal Sheppard, committed to honesty
Determined to work, only work honestly
For principle, with determination, for victory
Eritrean victory

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can produced history
With resoluteness, a resolute man, man of history
A visionary man, man that made history
Unimaginable, impossible history
History novels could not imagine for a story

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can produce a witty man, brave man
Man of unprecedented courage, man of men and women
Man that knows, understands men and women
Man that lead and that will forever lead men and women

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can produce a man, man of principle
To lead by principle, by example
Ready to sacrifice, sacrificed for his principle
Based on national, collective-vision, goals, objectives
With one aim

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can create a General out of a herdsman
To Sheppard a nation
To bring to earth a dream
A national dream for self determination
With a grit and determination of herdsman
To lead men/women through uncharted ways
Uncertain terms but certain, certain of the outcome
Certain with resoluteness, with confidence

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can create a pillar, a pinnacle of a man
Beloved, revered, trusted man to reach the mountain
To reach to the top of the world as a General, a man
In honor, for honor, to honor a nation

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can one witness history, in victory
Multiple victories, based on selfless nature
Dedication to cause, a trust to the other, one another
Entrusting life of self, to the other

Only in Eritrea, only Eritrea
Can witness one man, on a mission, with vision…
Attain certainty in uncertain world
Hand a nation a gift of freedom
And continue to give unreservedly, unambiguously
Continue to work tirelessly
To word-off enemy and ensure national security

Zelalemawi Zikri N-Sweatna
Awetn N-Hafash Hizbi Eritrea
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Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu): 1950 – 2014

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