Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Press Release

Eritrea Rejects WaPo Allegations

Washington Post: Flouting Journalistic Ethics and Standards “To begin with, The Washington Post didn’t independently verify the allegations in the report. It was largely based on distant telephone interviews with, and testimonies of, ostensible victims.” The Embassy of the State of Eritrea vehemently rejects the false allegations made against Eritrea and its disciplined army by […]

Eritrea Rejects Michael Rubin’s Preposterous Allegations

“Even for a hired lobbyist, Rubin’s ignorance is much worse than his abject lies. He claims that ‘Eritrea contemplated invading Somaliland in order to gain a port on the Red Sea.’ – @hawelti BY APA NEWS Eritrea has reacted strongly to what it calls the preposterous claims made against the country and its people by […]