President Al-Bashir Thrilled by his Three Days Eritrea Visit

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Thanks to accomplishing development tasks on the basis of self-reliance, the Eritrean people are on the path of realizing its goals: Pres. Al-Bashir

By TesfaNews,

President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir of the Republic of Sudan has expressed his at most appreciation at the end of his three days state visit to Eritrea on the occasion of the country’s 21st anniversary celebrations of Independence Day.

In the course of their meeting with Presidents Isaias, the two leaders discussed a range of issues of interest to the two countries including but not limited to bilateral relations, developments in Sudan, as well as regional and international issues. 

Regarding President Al-Beshir’s visit to Eritrea and the talks between the two leaders, the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Mr. Ali Kerti, told reporters that there exists shared view as regards various regional and international issues, and that the current visit and meeting is a continuation of the prevailing strong ties between the two sides and the regular consultations.

He added that President Isaias has assured his Sudanese counterpart that it is Eritrea’s desire and hope to witness relations between the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan getting normalized.

Replying to a question on the handling of the so-called ICC in relation with the Sudanese situation, as well as President Al-Beshir’s visit to Eritrea, Mr. Kerti said that Washington’s opposition to the ICC’s stance on the one hand and its attempts of penalizing a country that does not collaborate with the organization on the other fully attests to the continued US political adventurism. He further explained that President Al-Beshir would continue the regional and international visit that began with Eritrea.

During an interview he conducted with the Eritrean national television, Eri-Tv, President Al-Beshir reiterated that Eritrean-Sudanese relations which is based on people-to-people ties, is progressing on the right path.

President Al-Beshir further explained that the high-level Sudanese delegation’s visit to Eritrea is aimed at reinforcing ties between the two countries, as well as the regular consultation between both sides on regional and international issues. The President went on to underline that he positively assesses Sudanese-Eritrean relations and the mutual understanding reached by both sides.

Following their meeting at the State House, the two leaders walked more than 2 kilo meters on the streets of Asmara, in the evening hours, to take part in the popular celebrations marking Independence Day anniversary.
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On his personal observation of the enthusiastic spirit of the citizenry along the streets of Asmara, Foreign Minister Kerti said, “the event is a telling reply to all those forces that do not wish peace and wellbeing to peoples.”

On the following day, President Omar Al-Beshir made a one-day tour in the Southern region. On arrival in Mendefera town he was accorded warm welcome along with march band by government officials, members of the public, students and EDF members.

Following a walk in the streets of Mendefera and acknowledging the warm welcome accorded him, President Al-Beshir attended prayer service at Sheikh Mohammed Siraj Mosque. Speaking at the premises of the mosque, he noted that he made a number of visits to Eritrea in the past. However, he stated that this is the first time for him to visit a town outside Asmara and attend prayer services together with the residents of Mendefera, about which he expressed deep satisfaction.

Also in the course of a tour of Adi-quala sub-zone, President Omar Al-Beshir visited Sememo Micro-dam and drip irrigation farming, during which he received briefings by experts. He said that the ongoing modern agricultural activities in the locality hold promising prospects.

In line with the expanding partnership between the two countries in various domains, the Eritrean Ministry of Education and the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Studies and Research signed an agreement to work jointly in enhancing the potentialities of higher education institutions. The accord was signed by Mr. Semere Rusom, the Minister of Education, and his counterpart Prof. Khemis Kajo Kunda, Minister of the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Studies and Research.

Both parties expressed conviction that the accord constitutes an important element for boosting the education sector’s capacity of the two counties.

At the end of his much-loved state visit, President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir pointed out that the visit was successful in all aspects and that both countries share common understanding and similar stance on various issues.

President Isaias on his part indicated that the visit of the Sudanese President attests to the growing cooperation between the two sisterly countries in all domains and one that reinforces historical ties among people. He also indicated that both sides conducted deep and positive discussion on bilateral relations, developments in Sudan and the region, as well as on regional and international issues of interest to both sides.

Stating that President Omar Al-Beshir’s visit to Eritrea conveyed a strong message to all those who claim that there exists difference between us, President Isaias elaborated that Eritrea and Sudan enjoy growing relations of cooperation in the sectors of education, health, agriculture, as well as trade and investment.

Finally, President Omar Al-Beshir added that Thanks to accomplishing development tasks on the basis of self-reliance, the Eritrean people are on the path of realizing export goals.

He further pointed that the visit has enabled him to have direct contact with the Eritrean people and that in the course of a visit to the Southern region, he managed to observe impressive activities regarding soil and water conservation, modern utilization of water resource and the construction of micro-dams and water catchments.

On Concluding his three days long state visit, President Isaias accorded warm send-off to Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir on departure for home from Asmara International Airport.      (Outsourced from
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