President Isaias Addresses Nation on COVID-19

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In his message that was broadcast through Eri-TV/Radio Dimtsi Hafash to the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad today, April 18, President Isaias Afwerki stressed that it is incumbent on all of us to emerge triumphant in these trying times by marshaling the requisite awareness and working hard.

President Isaias noted that the global threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is analogous to a sudden war, without any parallel in our contemporary times, that has been declared without any warning or prediction by all standards.

President Isaias further stated that in spite of the grave danger that COVID-19 poses, we have to ensure that it does not overwhelm or paralyze us and derail the development programs we have embarked on with redoubled efforts and in tandem with the fight against this pandemic.


Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki reminds us all to be focused at this critical juncture and not allow this unprecedented threat to distract us. Our national projects to ensure food security, water security, energy security, etc to continue in parallel with the prevention and containment of COVID-19.

This pandemic will not weaken our resolve to continue with our development programs, rather, it behooves us to work harder.

The battle to beat COVID-19 and minimize its economic and social effects requires working harder today and throughout 2020.

(Courtesy of Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam @stesfamariam)