South Sudan Minister Demands Relocation of Peace Talks to Kenya

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South Sudan's Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth, expresses his government's dissatisfaction with the mediation team headed by former Ethiopian FM
South Sudan Minister of Information and Broadcasting today vents his government’s frustration at an Ethiopian led IGAD mediation process on ‘Neutrality’ ground. In other words, he is trying to say, Ethiopia is getting part of the South Sudan problem than the solution

By Victoria Kioko,

THE South Sudan Government has called for disbandment of mediation talks in Ethiopia claiming it is not a neutral ground.

The government is now demanding that the peace talks to be moved to Kenya and headed by General (Rtd) Lazarus Sumbeiywo.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Michael Makuei Lueth expresses dissatisfaction with the mediation team headed by Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Seyam Mesfin. 

“The mediation which was managed by General Lazarus Sumbeiywo was more fragile than this one but he managed properly and we succeeded. He brought peace to South Sudan and brought independence,” he said.

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“For Lazarus to be put under somebody who never mediated any process even in his homeland that was wrong, this is a misuse of the seed of the IGAD. And this is why we are unable to achieve peace is South Sudan up to now.”

Lueth says Sumbeiywo is better suited, explaining he previously mediated talks between Al Bashir and John Garang to sign the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ended two decades of civil war.

“We are appealing to the region and especially the Kenyan government. Kenya is the centre for everything here in the region. This is where our message should be carried from,” he said.

“We want people for our people, not other interests. The problem of South Sudan should not be used for serving others interests. Those who want to over throw the Government of South Sudan should seek other avenues but not through the mediation.”

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Speaking at a status conference of the South Sudan mediation process, former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti advised the Government of South Sudan to unite and find ways to achieve peace among each other.

Ndeti says the government should be patient and wait for the next general election which is a year away.

“This is your country, take charge and take control. The people of Sudan should learn to accommodate each other and if you all work together I can assure you will be one of the riches countries in Easter Africa,” she said.

“A government should be elected. You should all be patient and wait for the general elections in 2015, whoever wins you should all work together. The European counties or America should not come in to solve our problems.”

Is Ethiopia really working to secure peace in Sudan? Resolving the conflict is not in its best interest and this is why ...
From the onset, South Sudan warring parties agreed to disagree.  The only point they both do agree, though, was on the partiality and neutrality of Ethiopia through out the mediation process. Ethiopia thrives by instigating and managing the crisis in South Sudan, same way it does from Somalia. It believes, a quick fix to a South Sudanese problem won’t be on its best interest.