Sudan Issued a Ministerial Decree to Resume Cross Border Trade with Eritrea

Taking the Steps needed to promote trade and bilateral cooperation between Eritrea and Sudan
Taking the Steps needed to promote trade and bilateral cooperation between Eritrea and Sudan

By TesfaNews,

FOLLOWING the November agreement that was reached between President Omer Al Bashir and President Isaias Afwerki at the Red Sea State of Port Sudan, the Sudanese Minister of Trade, Mr. Osman Omer Al Sharif today issued a Ministerial decision on the resumption of all cross-border trades with Eritrea, and directed all competent authorities to implement the decision effective immediately.

Minister Al Sharif said the ministerial decision comes on the basis of provisions of article (73) of the interim constitution of the Sudan for 2005 and the powers of the Minister of Trade by virtue of the republican decree no. 45 for 2013, trade organization Act 2009 and the presidential decree No. 4 for 2014 on resumption of border trade between Sudan and Eritrea. 

Hosting President Isaias last year at the seventh Tourism and Marketing Festival in Port Sudan, President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir have said, “the borders drawn by the colonialists will not be a barrier to prevent communication and development between our two brotherly peoples”.

In recent years Eritrea and Sudan took unprecedented steps to shore up their outstanding relationship. It all starts in May 2011 when the two countries agreed to open their common borders and allow passages to and from without the need for entry visas.

Following Eritrea’s initiation to encourage border trade with Sudan by declaring the border town of Tesseney as a Free economic Zone, the Emir of Qatar, in 2011, pledged to fully finance the biggest economic Free Zone in Sudan along the border with Eritrea.

The latest decree also emphasizes that the resumption of border trades with Eritrea will be implemented in accordance with all applicable controls in the field of border trade and without restrictions.

Such measure will boost the smooth flow of agricultural and industrial commodities between the two countries .

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic last week announced that it has suspended border trade systems with South Sudan and said it will resume after the return of stability to that country.

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Health Ministries of Eritrea and Sudan Sign Agreement with a view to Promoting Bilateral Cooperation


Agreed. Health Minters of Eritrea and Sudan in Asmara
Agreed. Health Ministers of Eritrea and Sudan in Asmara

By Shabait,

(Asmara, 05 May 2014)THE Minister of Health of Eritrea, Mr. Amina Nur-Hussein, and Mr. Bahar Idris Abu Garda, the Republic of Sudan’s Federal Minister of Health, yesterday signed an agreement at Asmara Palace Hotel with a view to promoting bilateral cooperation between the health ministries of both countries.

Speaking on the session, Ms. Amina pointed out that the growing relations of partnership in various domains between Eritrea and Sudan is anchored on the historic ties between the peoples of the two countries, and that this has a positive impact in the Horn region’s peace and stability.

She went on to indicate that the agreement pertains to enhancement of health programs, human resource development, production and distribution of drugs as well as health equipment and scientific health research, besides exchange of information, expertise and technology. Thorough follow-up and assessment would be made on the part of both ministries as regards implementation of the agreement, she added.

Mr. Bahar Idris Abu Garda on his part lauded the warm welcome he was accorded in the course of his visit, and asserted the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Sudan’s readiness to implement the agreement.

It is to be recalled that a Republic of Sudan’s delegation headed by Mr. Bahar Idris Abu Garda visited Orotta National Referral Hospital, Southern region’s Referral Hospital and Fred Hollows Intra-Ocular Laboratory during their working visit beginning May 2.

The delegation concluded its working visit and left for home today.

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