Sweden: TPLF Ambassador Pelted with Rotten Eggs

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Ethiopia’s ambassador to Sweden, Woinshet Tadesse
Ethiopia’s ambassador to Sweden, Woinshet Tadesse

By Abraha Belai,

ANGRY Ethiopian activists on Sunday pelted the car of Ethiopia’s ambassador to Sweden, Mrs. Woinshet Tadesse, with rotten eggs and fish as she was about to walk into a meeting hall.

Swedish Police called for reinforcements as tempers flared with the activists calling the diplomat a “banda“, which means an enemy hireling or a mercenary.

Extremely harsh and brutal government repression in Ethiopia for decades is draining the patience of the Ethiopian people as seen in the video. 

On September 18, a group of UN experts accused the government of using an anti-terrorism legislation as a legal weapon to wipe out dissent.

“We call upon the Government of Ethiopia to free all persons detained arbitrarily under the pretext of countering terrorism,” the experts said. “Let journalists, human rights defenders, political opponents and religious leaders carry out their legitimate work without fear of intimidation and incarceration,” the experts were quoted as saying by a UN News channel.
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