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4th Africa – Arab Summit: Eritrea’s Statement

Statement by H.E. Foreign Minister Osman Saleh of the State of Eritrea at the 4th Arab-African Summit

By Foreign Minister Osman Saleh,

Mr. Chairman,

Your Excellencies,

Your Highnesses,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I too join, the distinguished Excellencies who spoke before me, in thanking the Government and People of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for their warm welcome, generous hospitality and for hosting this brotherly partnership in a way worth of its merit.

Eritrea, aware of the prevailing global inequalities and challenges, tailored its own development model that caters to its specific national values and needs.

It has been pursuing a policy of self-reliance that entails mobilizing domestic resources and building national capacities, as the corner stone of this development model. Continue reading 4th Africa – Arab Summit: Eritrea’s Statement

Eritrea Raising National Service Salary by 700%, Won’t Shorten to 18 Months Limit

The EU has a vested interest in seeing Eritrea stabilized as a stable Eritrea means fewer migrants. But Eritrea’s stability doesn’t come entirely from the stability of the economy but rather from its national security. Eritrea has a security threat from its much larger and hungrier neighbor Ethiopia. In the absence international will to ‘guarantee’ Eritrea’s security concerns, the immediate option for Eritrea is to make staying in the country attractive first by improving the salary of National Service conscripts by up to 700 percent.

By Edmund Blair | for Reuters,

Eritrea is not prepared to stop forcing its youth into lengthy stretches of work as soldiers and civil servants, a conscription policy that is driving waves of refugees to make the perilous trip across the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

European nations say that the poor Horn of Africa nation is moving only slowly and cautiously to stabilize the economy to stem the tide of migrants which is aggravating the refugee crisis that is gripping the European Union.

The Asmara government insists conscription is vital for national security saying that it fears attack by its far bigger neighbor Ethiopia with which it fought a bloody and expensive war that ended in June 2000. Continue reading Eritrea Raising National Service Salary by 700%, Won’t Shorten to 18 Months Limit

EU-Eritrea Sign 11th EDF Cooperation Agreement

DONE DEAL. Eritrea and European Union formalizing the €200 million development assistance under the 11th EDF 2014 – 2020 Eritrea National Indicative Program.

By TesfaNews,

The Eritrean government and European Union today in Asmara signed the €200 million Cooperation Agreement under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) 2014 – 2020 National Indicative Program.

The Agreement was signed by Dr. Giorghis Teklemicael, Minister of National Development, and Mr. Christian Manhal, Head of the European Union Delegations to Eritrea. Continue reading EU-Eritrea Sign 11th EDF Cooperation Agreement