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TPLF Troubled by Renewed EU-Eritrea Relation

renewed EU-Eritrea Relation
Photo: Meeting between Eritrean President and German delegation led by the Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller at State House, Asmara – December 2015.


Europe’s softening stand on Eritrea has sparked fear with in the TPLF, a minority clique now ruling Ethiopia, according to a report broadcasted last week by the Ethiopia Satellite Television, ESAT.

The complete failing of the TPLF’s long standing policy against Eritrea that emanates from the border conflict and its own claim of Eritrea’s continued supports to Ethiopian freedom forces, has left the regime confused, the report stated citing information and documents it received from sources who work at Ethiopia’s UN branch in New York. Continue reading TPLF Troubled by Renewed EU-Eritrea Relation

Eritrea – EU Cooperation: History & Perspectives

“The European Union’s partnership with Eritrea is one that is based on mutual understanding and a joint ambition of working towards common long-term interests … and its overall objective is to improve livelihoods of the Eritrean population through poverty reduction and elimination so that Eritrea can achieve sustainable social and economic development.” – Ambassador Christian Manahl

By Ambassador Christian Manahl | Head of the EU Delegation to Eritrea,

Europe Day, celebrated annually on 9 May, marks the anniversary of French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman’s call on the nations of Europe to unite in order to make war among them impossible. His speech marked the beginning of European integration that eventually led to the creation of today’s European Union. Beginning of May is therefore an apt time to recognise the European Unions’ cooperation not only among its own member states, but with its many partners across the world, including Eritrea, and to celebrate the successes that this cooperation has achieved and will continue to achieve in years come. Continue reading Eritrea – EU Cooperation: History & Perspectives